Watch Melissa Befierce’s Makeup Transformation on This Episode of ‘Cosmo Queens’

Wow, I just don’t know how these Cosmo Queens do it! These beauties literally turn themselves into brand-new people in a matter of minutes, just with the magic of shadows and brushes and more. And here I am, STILL struggling like I was in middle school while trying to put on eyeliner without tearing up. Melissa Befierce joined us this week and blessed us with her glam routine, making looking done up seem easy as hell.

She kicks off her lewk with putting on foundation on the bottom of her face with a handy-dandy blender. After, she brightens up the center of her face using concealer and contours the f*ck out of her cheekbones. Then, she throws on some powder to set everything in place so nothing is slipping and sliding and also adds a brightening powder where her concealer was for a lil bake session.

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If you were like me wondering when in the world she was going to apply the rest of her foundation to the top portion of her face, you can stop your panic attack now. She adds the rest of her foundation to her forehead along with concealer onto her T-zone. Once her face is slabbed on, she goes into her brows, which are no joke. The woman uses t-w-o brushes to feather out those babies!!!

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I suggest taking notes now because her eyes are where the magic happens. You think she’s going in with a traditional soft-brown smokey-ish eye as she applies a burnt-orange transition color to her crease. (You are currently being deceived.) She cleans up the center of her eye with concealer and then draws on a razor-sharp wing. She continues with her shadows, adding more brown shades to her crease. (Still being deceived.)

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As she’s pulling together the masterpiece, she brushes off her bake, bronzes herself up, and highlights (duh). And then she puts jewels on the tops of her eyes and it’s groundbreaking!!! A queen is born—in less than five minutes. 💁‍♀️

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