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Fancy candles validate cancelled plans and plant children make you feel like a real human, but if your bed isn’t a cozy lil haven engineered for maximum sleep potential, none of that pretty stuff matters. It’s science. So you have to invest in a pair of soft sheets at least once in your lifetime.

Some folks go all out dropping hundreds of dollars on an Egyptian cotton situation, but truth be told that’s not necessary. (Sorry to those people.) If you have 30 bucks in your pocket, you could be wrapped up in the softest sheets this weekend.

Obvs cotton is the homecoming queen of bedding, but not all are created equal. Depending on the quality and thread count, you could find a set at just about any price point, ranging from $30 to $500. If you don’t mind synthetic fibers (because, um, hi, budget), microfiber is a just as cuddly and soft alternative. Jersey sheets, made from a cotton blend, land on the cheaper side of the spectrum too. (I bought an entire set—pillowcases included—for $20 back in my college days.) Then, you have linen and flannel landing somewhere in the middle, price wise. These two are champs for peeps wanting to switch up their bedding with the seasons. Also, keep an eye out for bamboo sheets. The sustainable option will transform any bed into a cozy whittle wonderland for $70 to $200.

If you’re still not sure where to start, use our roundup below as a cheat sheet (see what I did there?).

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If you always sleep in a big T-shirt…

Jersey Knit Modal Sheet Set

Ever borrowed a partner’s big-ass T-shirt to sleep in and gotten the best rest of your life? That’s how soft and cozy jersey sheets feel. This set from feels like sliding into a cozy butter cocoon but, like, way less greasy.


If you just need a good staple…

Basic Cotton Sheet Set

Reviewers LOVE these bad boys for several reasons: the set is inexpensive, has a simple but not basic design, and is soft as hell. Add ’em to your cart next time you’re browsing Urban Outfitters for cute going-out tops. Honestly you’ll get so much more use out of these sheets than the blouses you came for.


If you want a deal…

Brushed Microfiber Bedding

This microfiber set has nearly 48,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon. And they’re a good bet if you’re not a cotton snob and are down with slightly warmer fabrics in the winter. They come in a rainbow of colors too, so you can mix and match with a patterned duvet and still have things look ~cohesive~. 


If you want the sheets presidents sleep on…

Solid Hemmed Sheet Set

If you listen to any podcasts at all, you’ve probably heard about Boll and Branch, i.e., the sheets that Bill Clinton and George Bush (both of ’em) sleep on.  An added bonus: The cotton used to make this set is fair trade and organic, if that helps you sleep even better at night.


If you want a sustainable set…

Bamboo Sheets

A slightly newer trend, bamboo sheets are known to be more durable and consume less water than cotton. The fibers here are also breathable and thus temperature regulating, which means you can sleep on them in the winter and summer. Pretty clutch, right?


If you feel like splurgin’…

Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Brooklinen’s Luxe collection feels buttery soft and comes in chic patterns and colors like Windowpane, a soft grey grid, or Maze, an abstract pattern of squiggles.  These super-smooth fitted sheets are also labeled with “short” and “long” sides, so making your bed can go from headache inducing to something you’ll actually look forward to. As someone who personally splurged on these, I can tell you these are way worth it. 


If you’re literally always cold…

Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

If you’re the type who feels comfy only under heavier fabrics, this set’s for you. Probably not the best for hot sleepers, but you’ll feel super warm the second you jump into bed.


If you dig feather-light sheets…

Percale Sheet Set

Because of gravity, these sheets technically don’t float above you as you sleep. But they’re so light and airy that it feels like it. Although you’ll probably never wake up sweaty or tangled up in them, this set is def an investment. Worth it? Obviously.


If you want your bed to feel like pj’s…

Jersey Knit Sheets

Again, the T-shirt material never fails us. Made from stretchy jersey, these feel like your favorite worn-in jammies. Sure, they might pill over time—a small price to pay for turning your bed into a giant sweatshirt. 


If you’re always super sweaty…

Linen Sheet Set

I know linen is mostly known as a summer sheet, but as someone who regularly sleeps on linen in the winter, I can tell you they’re just as cozy year-round. Linen isn’t necessarily “cooling” but it is temperature regulating—i.e., it’s perfect for sweaty sleepers like me. If you like bundling up but get clammy in .2 seconds, do yourself a favor and invest in these coverings, stat. 

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