16 Best Cute Umbrellas 2021 — Umbrellas You’ll Actually Want to Carry

cute umbrellas

Christian Vierig

Hear me out: A good umbrella can make all the difference when it’s pouring outside. But a good and cute umbrella? Absolutely life-changing. Not only are you shielded from the elements, but you also look, and therefore feel, good. And I’m just sayin’, a happy mindset is the key to making a drab day a fab day.

If you’re in the market for a stylish umbrella, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. With so many different options out there, it can be a little overwhelming to weed through. But fret not. I’ve scoured the WWW in search of fashionable umbrellas that would match your outfits (or even inspire them)—and they’re all below. Take your pick from 16 super chic options the market has to offer—from a super cool iridescent one to a monochromatic choice and even some designer selects. (Oh, and if you need waterproof boots and raincoats to match, Cosmo‘s got you covered there, too.)

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this black and white option

Rain Essentials Manual Compact

Hop on the black-and-white fashion trend with this umbrella. Guarantee it most likely won’t clash with anything you’re wearing.


this elegant one

Harlem Toile Umbrellas

Sheila Bridges


If you’re a big fan of toile-printed anything, then get yourself one of these umbrellas. And yes, it comes in different colors.


this pop of pink

Inverted Compact Automatic Folding Umbrella

Let this one cast a joyful pink glow on you during a dreary, rainy day.


this colorfully abstract one

Rainy-Day Umbrella



Watercolor? Tie-dye? Whatever this is, it’s supes cute.


This simple one

Compact Umbrella

For the minimalist who loves monochromatic everything.


This amazon gem

Iridescent Holographic Clear Umbrella

Correct me if I’m wrong, but every moment would be a street style moment with this umbrella. 


This one with stunning artwork

Cultured Queens Reign or Shine Umbrella

Izzy and Liv


You definitely won’t get yours mixed up with anyone else’s in the umbrella bin, thanks to this colorful and unique design. 


this blue sky dupe

Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating (Blue Sky)

Repel Umbrella

Welp, if you can’t have a real blue sky that day, at least there’s one on your umbrella. 


This mini one

Polka Dot Umbrella with UV Protection

Amy’s Umbrellas


We love a lightweight, compact umbrella—especially one with a totes adorbs polka-dot print.


this mood-elevating umbrella

Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating (Rainbow)

Repel Umbrella


No doubt this rainbow umbrella will up your mood every time you take it out.


this neutral choice

Unikko Mini Manual



If bright colors aren’t exactly your thing, here’s one that’s still cheery.


this useful pick

Auto Open Stick Clear Dome Umbrella



Not only is a clear umbrella certified Cool and Sleek, it’ll also help keep you from running into things (or other people). 


This whimsical umbrella

Mint Compact Umbrella

BRB as I fawn over Tiffany Blue hued duck-head umbrella.


this logo-bearing one

logo print umbrella



Off-White stans will be happy to know that Virgil Abloh designs umbrellas, too.


this neon choice

bird-print logo umbrella

Natasha Zinko


You’ll definitely brighten up any rainy day with this Natasha Zinko umbrella.


this designer umbrella

Logo Print Umbrella



If you’re feeling up for a splurge, might I introduce you to this Burberry logo-emblazoned umbrella?

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