‘Bachelor’ Mykenna Dorn Tongue Best Memes, Videos

[Spoiler alert: This post contains intel from season 24, episode 5]

    Being on camera 24/7 for weeks on end sounds really difficult, which is why it’s totally understandable that it seems like Bachelor contestant Mykenna was caught off-guard while filming.

    At hour 398293 of tonight’s episode, Chris Harrison came in to give the women a shocking announcement—there wouldn’t be a cocktail party before the rose ceremony. And while many of the women were disappointed, Mykenna decided react by making some big gestures with her tongue that she surely didn’t think would make it to national television, like this:



    And this:



    And then later when the women were fighting, she went ahead and did this:

    And hey—no judgment! We all have weird ticks, but the difference is that ours aren’t being broadcast to millions of people on ABC. Plus, it was unfortunate timing for Mykenna to make dramatic tongue gestures, as Shakira just did this at the Super Bowl last night:

    But that’s not the only comparison that was made. Twitter—which is somehow simultaneously the best and worst place on the internet—made some quality memes about Mykenna’s tongue situation:

    Thankfully, Mykenna and her tongue survived the rose ceremony, so we can only hope that they’ll continue serving up the A+ content!

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