‘Bachelors’ Hannah Godwin Drags Fiance Dylan Barbour

  • Bachelor in Paradise contestants Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour got engaged on the show, and, unlike many other couples from their season, they are still together.
  • Hannah just shared a video of her and her friends roasting Dylan, ’cause why not?

    So remember back in September when Dylan Barbour claimed that his Bachelor in Paradise fiancée Hannah Godwin’s “entire personality” was “cut out” of the show? Well, Hannah just started her own YouTube channel where she shows viewers which hats she wears, the brunches she goes, and producers can’t cut out her personality.

    For her most recent vlog, she filmed Dylan and a bunch of their friends heading to a concert in Los Angeles. During the ride, Hannah suggests a fun little game for the car, saying, “Everybody say your biggest roast about Dylan.” One of Hannah’s friends offers, “Dylan wears girls jeans,” another says, “Dylan sends like 40 texts in a row,” and a third turns to Dylan and tells him, “you have the same hair cut as me.” And for reference, here’s a picture of the matching haircuts:



    Tyler Cameron, who also happens to be in the car, declines to drag his friend, saying, “I love Dylan. I have nothing to roast about him.” Aww! But then it comes to Hannah’s turn, and after thinking about it for a beat, she decides to go with, “He’s so oily.” And that seems highly specific and like something he probably can’t really control, but sure! And this is all after Hannah tells Dylan that his outfit makes him look like Billie Eilish, which he denied.

    Anyways, if you’d like to see the couple in action you can check out the whole video here:

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