Bella Hadid Dyed Fiery Money Pieces Into Her Hair

  • Bella Hadid debuted her newest dye job—orangey-red money pieces.
  • In true 2000s fashion, Bella left the rest of her brunette hair untouched for some ~contrast~.

    Nothing screams “new year, new me” like getting a brand new hairstyle, amirite? Looks like this tried and true phrase was at the top of Bella Hadid’s mind going into 2021, because she decided to take her already gorgeous signature brunette hair to the next level by updating it with a v edgy, 2000s-inspired dye job (that you legit saw on your Instagram feed EVERYWHERE last year). That’s right—I’m talking money pieces!

    On IG yesterday, Bella posted a trusty mirror pic to debut her new look—face framing, cool girl streaks in a fiery, orange-red color to contrast her brunette hair. Since Bella pretty much looks stunning in whatever color she chooses, this throwback color placement is no exception. Prepare to whip out your nearest box of hair dye in 3, 2, 1:

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    If ya wanna get technical, Bella actually gave her 37.2 million followers a sneak peek at her chunky money pieces on New Year’s Day, and posted a heavily filtered video of her smiling like a kid in a candy store while rocking a pair of silver elf ears.

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    A week ago, Bella gave the orangey hair color a testy run while engaging in one of the most fun winter activities on planet Earth—licking fresh fallen snow. For the occasion, Bella tossed on a ginger wig and must have liked the color so much, she wanted to make it permanent on her actual scalp.

    Now if you need me, I’ll be phoning up my colorist ASAP to see how she can recreate this look on me. Ciao!

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