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If I could dump all my possessions into a big ol’ bottle of hand sanitizer, I would do it in a heartbeat. But obvs, that isn’t the best idea, especially for electronics.

But UV radiation with wavelengths of 328 to 210 nanometers can actually kill bacteria and viruses, according to the CDC. Enter, these hella-cool phone sanitizers utilizing that wizardry. Just plop your phone inside and—ta-da!—clean as a whistle. Well, sorta. The effectiveness all depends on the exact device you’re using, what areas of the phone the light reaches, and how long it is exposed to the UV light.

Also, and this is super important, COVID-19 is a new virus that hasn’t been studied extensively. And part of that means there’s no proof these phone sanitizers will kill THAT specific virus. So the best way to keep your phone clean is to keep it at home when you leave the house and resist touching it until after you wash your hands. If you do take it out, wipe it down with a 60 percent alcohol-based disinfectant.

That said, it can’t hurt to add one of the magical UV light disinfectants below into your device cleansing routine (just don’t make it your go-to and you’re good to go).

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This Sleek Option

UV Sanitizer



The same company that makes the ~cay-utest~ cell phone cases also has a disinfecting bin to help your device stay squeaky clean. Pick between a quick 3-minute cleanse or a 15-minute intense setting.


This Travel-Ready One

Purple UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer



For something you can take everywhere, grab this collapsible zip-pouch style. It works quickly, taking about 60 seconds to disinfect each side of your phone. And the bright-purple color is fun.


This Wireless Charging Box

Phone Sanitizer



Drop your phone on top of this sanitizing box to charge, and when you’re ready to clean it, lift the lid and pop it inside. Ten minutes later, it’s good to go!


This Chic Cup

Oblio Wireless Charging Station & Sanitizer



I know it looks like a pretty vase, but this one is actually a phone sanitizer with charging capabilities too. You’ll have to be patient and wait 20 minutes for it to disinfect your device.


This Deep-Cleaning Option

UV Phone Sanitizer



If you’re not someone who needs to have your phone in your hand 24/7, this one’s for you, as it does a deep cleaning for 30 minutes.

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