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Pisces is everyone’s favorite water sign. All the elements have one. (Nah, I’m not biased, I say this from the position of the most hated: Scorpio.) Pisces strike the perfect balance between their Cancer and Scorpio siblings, capturing just enough of the “bad” traits and overflowing with the best. They are compassionate, kind, creative, and fun.

Born between February 19 and March 20, Pisces are constantly expressing their duality. At their calmest, most ethereal, they’re Jhené Aiko or Erykah Badu, trying to heal all of humanities’ chakras. Yet at their most savage—when provoked, of course—they’re Rihanna, clapping back on Twitter circa 2010–15. Regardless of whether Pisces are high or low vibration, they’re also always down to screw your brains out. IYKYK.

But that’s the beauty of Pisces: the conflicted fishes, swimming in opposite directions, just work. As a mutable sign, they are dreamers who inspire others, too. Despite Pisces season occurring at the beginning of the calendar year, the sign is actually the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. The cyclical path of the zodiac correlates with the seasons, and Pisces season comes at the end of winter. Because they’re the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces possesses aspects of all the signs—which why they are so flexible in any space and appear to have so many identities.

Pisces are problem-solvers. If you got an issue, they got the tissue and answers…just not for themselves. And that’s the dark side of the fish. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces can dive as deep into the darkness as their fins will allow them. This can leave them lazy, impractical, and procrastinators.

Whether you’re a Pisces lover or hater, or a Pisces yourself, get into these memes! If nothing else, it’ll be pure entertainment.

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