Chris Harrison Says Hannah Brown Helped Heather Martin on ‘The Bachelor’

To put it quite plainly, Monday’s episode of The Bachelor was a lot. In a complete twist, Heather Martin showed up totally uninvited (well, kinda) and promptly caused the other girls in the house to lose their sh*t at her possibly trying to win Matt James’ heart mid-season. It was all v dramatic (as I am sure the producers @ ABC had hoped), but as it turns out, (a) everyone on the show was left in the dark…including host Chris Harrison and (b) Heather had help from former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown!

In an interview with Extra, Chris said that he didn’t know about Heather coming until after she spoke with producers. “To be honest, I found out later — ‘cause the producers didn’t tell me she was coming — that [Heather] had reached out to producers, and Hannah B. was involved in all this too,” he said. “She had concocted this story and was helping produce this thing from the side. She thought Heather would be a good match for Matt…but when they reached out, we said no.”

“She said, ‘I want to come out there,’” Chris continued. “One of our executive producers says, ‘Heather, do not come to Nemacolin. You’re not going to be on the show.’ Heather pulls up in a minivan. We told her, ‘Do not show up on our doorstep.’ She did. I get a call, I walked out of the gate, Heather’s there.”

After Heather proved that she was too determined to be swayed, Chris said that he and the rest of the producers eventually caved. “We said, ‘You know what? Fine. You want to come in? You guys want to do this? We’ll give you a shot.’ And she came in and talked to Matt, and then Matt had a very interesting dilemma. And that’s what you’re going to see play out,” he concluded.

The saga continues on next week’s episode of The Bachelor, so stay tuned!

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