Colton Underwood Drags “The Bachelor’s” Engagement Rings

  • Colton Underwood just shaded the Bachelor franchise, saying that he’s going to get an engagement ring with no “strings” attached.
  • Please keep in mind that Colton never even made it to proposing to Cassie Randolph on the show, cause she dumped him and he decided to jump a fence.

    Former Bachelor Colton Underwood has made some, shall we say, questionable decisions in the past, like calling period panties “gross,” slamming Rachel Lindsay when literally no one asked him to get involved in her feud with Raven Gates, and insisting that kissing is a “preference” after getting called out for being a bad kisser by THREE women instead of, I don’t know, taking some time to reflect on his technique.

    And now we can add another item to that list, cause Colton just decided to shade The Bachelor, aka the show which made him famous/introduced him to his girlfriend. And I’m guessing that ABC won’t be too thrilled about it!

    Yesterday Colton answered some fan questions on Instagram, and a fan asked, “NOT a ‘get engaged’ q but do u still have the Neil Lane ring from the bachelor?” Colton replied, “Never actually got a ring. but when the time is right I’ll but a nice ring with no strings on it.” And the ‘no strings’ part of that reply is 👀, cause it certainly seems like Colton is shading whatever deal ABC/Chris Harrison has going on with Neil Lane!



    FWIW, Colton has also mentioned that he doesn’t necessarily think that the Bachelor needs to get engaged. In an interview with Cosmopolitan he said, “My season specifically exemplified that there’s an expectation to get engaged. But my only advice is just, like, it’s your life at the end of it. They have another Bachelor. They have another Bachelorette. So you really need to keep in mind to do what’s best for you and what’s best for your relationship, because it’s your real life.”

    And while that makes total sense, I’m pretty sure that the whole point of the show is to get engaged. Just saying!

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