Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Buy $14.2 Million Montecito Home

    Looks like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to get some new celebrity neighbors: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have reportedly moved to the celeb-packed town of Montecito, where they purchased a casual $14.2 million mansion that sounds beyond stunning.

    According to Variety, the Mediterranean villa sits on nine acres of “manicured grounds” with beautiful ocean views and an oak tree-lined driveway. Also there’s a hedge maze! Naturally, there are a ton of other fancy amenities, including:

    1. A four-car garage for the couple’s various vehicles
    2. A guest house for when the cast of Lord of the Rings visit (just let me have this)
    3. A tiled swimming pool
    4. A “sports court”
    5. Multiple fountains. Because truly, what’s the point of only having one fountain? Madness!
      1. Meanwhile, The Daily Mail reports that Katy and Orlando’s neighbors include the previously mentioned Sussexes, as well as Ariana Grande, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres. TBD if Archie and Daisy will become best bb bffs, but either way exciting, fancy times.

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