New Moon in Pisces Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

One of the best parts of spring is the sense of ~renewal~ in the air. During Pisces season, it’s easy to get lost in a daydream, but try not to get too ahead of yourself. You’re still in the process of awakening from a winter-long slumber.

Some good news: Right now, all the planets are direct, which means you don’t have to worry about any retrogrades. In fact, the energy is all about charging forward, like the Chariot tarot card. With the New Moon in Pisces on March 13, your desire to manifest will be at an all-time high.

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces has an elder energy that encourages us to think outside the box. Stay aware of how you affect those around you—focus on being a “good witch” instead of a wicked one. Right now, the Sun and the Moon in Pisces are on your side. During this New Moon, you can will your dreams into existence—as long as you can also remain patient.

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Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscope:


Consider taking things slow on this New Moon, bb. You may feel the need to be out and about, sharing your new and exciting ventures with others. Instead, pull back and focus on building bonds with those closest to you. You may feel especially dreamy during this time, which is why it’s best to hash through details with a close friend or two instead of a big group!


This is a wonderful time to get your flirt on, or at least casually expand your horizons. If you’re trying to attract a dream partner, they’re only a few clicks away. Take a subtle approach as opposed to throwing all your energy at dating apps. You never know who you’ll find on Clubhouse or through a MeetUp group!


Are you aware of the image that you’re cultivating for yourself? Try not to get lost in all that glitters, especially if it’s not gold. Bb, the New Moon may open up an abundance of opportunities, but you shouldn’t jump on all of them. Get clear on who you wish to become and be honest with yourself about where each potential path leads. Then, make your decision.


Simply put, don’t be gullible. Instead, surround yourself around people who help you with your quest for learning. The New Moon force you to take a time-out and examine how accurate your knowledge is, especially if it comes from something you’ve overheard. Make yourself a cup of tea and crack open a book. It’ll help lead you towards what you should be manifesting.


Babe, you’re definitely about to give birth to an exciting and mysterious force. (And no, it’s not necessarily an actual baby—it might be a creative project or a new role.) After months of labor, you’re going to begin to see the crowning of a lifetime. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your successes a little bit hidden, which means you should probably keep your New Moon intentions under wraps!


Leave some room in your daily routine for a whimsical love affair. Virgo, when you get your mindset to do something, you can be a tireless and dedicated worker. Try not to let the stresses and worries keep you from enjoying yourself. You’re allowed to let loose every once in a while! Give yourself permission to spend time with a loved one.


It’s time for some TLC, Libra, especially before you take care of others. The energy of the Pisces New Moon can leave you feeling supercharged and full of life, however, now is not the time to lose sight of your boundaries. Turn your phone on silent and let yourself have fun, and you’ll be refreshed and revitalized during this lunar transit.


You could wind up finding a love that that has the capacity to expand your horizons and transform life as you know it. Be open to pushing your boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone. This isn’t the time to overthink the future or get lost in the past; doing that will only slow you down, babe. Keep an open mind and know that you are entitled to the pleasure you desire.

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Have you been in the process of moving (and yes, thinking about moving counts as a part of the process)? This New Moon is going to give you even more of a reason to explore that idea. Pisces’ mutable nature may not give you a clear path to walk towards, but that doesn’t mean that a path isn’t revealing itself. Be proactive instead of reactive and get clear on what type of lifestyle you value. You’ll see opportunities if you’re willing to commit to one.


Talk about reinventing yourself! This New Moon is ushering you towards new methods of expressing yourself. Start making a list of vocab words! Drowning yourself in podcasts and music made for people with minds like yours will help you accumulate the necessary speech. Keep a journal of phrases and quotes that penetrate your mind and capture your soul, and you’ll be surprised by how they move you.


You might not be exactly clear on the long-term benefits of a potential investment, but don’t let that keep you from making the most of your abilities. This New Moon is opening a door that leads to a room of treasures. You just have to be willing to pass through the threshold. Use your charm and wit, and they’ll lead you to the wealth you’re craving.

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I hate to be cliché, but…the New Moon means a new you! You should be feeling a little extra-celestial on March 13, especially because your community will be looking to you for inspiration. You’re an imaginative person, Pisces, so put your creative nature and wisdom to use. There’s no rush to speak or perform during this lunar transit. Instead, focus on listening so you can discover what feels right.

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