PRETTYMUCH Performed From the Bathroom for Cosmo’s ‘Singing in the Shower’

Let’s be real: we all think we sound like superstars when we’re belting tracks out in the shower. I’m pretty sure it has to do with those bathroom acoustics mixed with a bit of our own delusion. What makes Cosmo’s Singing in the Shower series so great is that we leave all the singing to the professionals, but they’re still showing off their pipes from the tub.

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For our latest guests, we’ve got the boyband PRETTYMUCH! We managed to stuff all five members of the pop group into the bathroom for this week’s edition. Sure, it’s not ~technically~ the shower but I’d say they’re all relatively close to the bathtub, so it still counts!

They gave us mini-performances of their new tracks “Free” and “Parking Spot” in the quite possibly vibey-est bathroom I’ve ever seen (hello purple lighting!) Also, naturally, they had a full keyboard setup in tow. Is that not how we all bathe? The guys made sure to discuss some of their go-to shower songs, which are hits like “Listen” by Beyoncé, and “So Sick” by Ne-Yo (solid choices IMO.) You can watch the full above, and check out PRETTYMUCH’s latest EP Smackables!

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