Prince Harry Dressed as Santa Video and Photos

  • Prince Harry just dressed up as Santa Claus.
  • He even put on white gloves, which is truly dedication!

    While Prince William and Kate Middleton have already done the most this Christmas (see: starring in a BBC Christmas baking special and releasing their holiday card), Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are happily keeping things low-key abroad. According to a statement from their team, the Sussexes are “spending private family time in Canada,” and we can only assume that they’re relieved to have a break from the British tabloids.

    HOWEVER, Prince Harry is the gift that keeps on giving, and he recently donned a full-on Santa suit to help get some kids into the Christmas spirit. And sure, it was for charity, but I’d also like to think that I manifested this into existence!


    ^^Harry in costume.


    Harry recorded a jolly video of himself as Santa for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity which provides support for children who lost a parent who served in the British armed forces. Harry’s Christmas message, which was shown at the charity’s holiday party, said:

    Ho ho ho! Hi guys at Scotty’s Little Soldiers, I hope you’re having an amazing time. I hear there’s 190 of you there this year, so please cause as much chaos as humanly possible…And having met some of you a few years ago, well, most of you, I know how incredibly strong you are. Yes, losing a parent is incredibly hard, but I know that every single one of you, by helping each other out that will have an amazing future ahead of you—and you’re gonna a fantastic Christmas, as well…I really, really hope and I know that you will leave today with a huge smile on your face. And, for the younger ones of you, probably covered in food as well. So have a fantastic Christmas and happy New Year.

    Harry = the *real* Christmas Prince! You can watch the whole video here.

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