Sagittarius Horoscope for March – Astrology Monthly Overview

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  • March 9th: You can have it all.
  • March 19th: Keep your genius ideas close to your chest.
  • March 21st: Not every friendship is meant to last forever.

    Over the last few weeks, you’ve realized that your definition of “home” may be different from others’—and that’s totally okay! As a natural philosopher and avid explorer, you’re constantly renegotiating your domestic needs. Are you happiest in a refurbished loft in a cool new luxury building, cozied up with your favorite collection of essays… or barreling down the Amazon river? Honestly, who’s to say? It changes all the time!

    However, a Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th will inspire you to shift your perspective. Under this electric lunation, the Sun and Moon occupy opposite areas in the sky, signaling two contrasting (but equally important) outlooks. At this time, you’ll realize that life doesn’t have to be so black-and-white. In fact, you’ll uncover incredible opportunities when you balance exploration with stability.

    And (just your luck!) Mercury Retrograde concludes on the exact same day as the Full Moon. So with both the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) and Mercury on your side, find confidence in your internal GPS. Yes, Sagittarius—that’s your intuition.

    Positive energy will continue to build throughout the month. On March 19th, the Sun shifts into Aries (a like-minded Fire sign), sparking your own internal flame. Now, you’re inspired by your own imagination. This is a wonderful time to invest in your creative pursuits, so buy new tools (sketchbooks, instruments, equipment, etc.) to support your craft. Simply put, you are overflowing with ingenuity!

    A new lunar cycle kicks off on March 24th as the Moon meets the Sun in Aries and, for you, this is the perfect time to start an artistic project. There’s no need to share your ideas with the world just yet—you’re in the process of building something really substantial. Trust that will know about your ideas eventually, but for now, give them time to percolate. Be your own muse.

    Speaking of community, for the next three years, Saturn (the taskmaster of the cosmos) will be shaking up the area of your chart connected to friendship, colleagues, and local community. On March 21st, you may begin to discover new modes of communication. Saturn’s movement will be especially meaningful for Sagittarians born between 1991 and 1994—for you babes, Saturn into Aquarius means the beginning of your Saturn Return. Massive transformation occurs during your Saturn Return, so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly inclined to make some cataclysmic shifts to your friend group.

    But even if you’re not born within those years, Saturn’s motion will impact all Sagittarians. Through 2023, get ready to face some sizable adjustments within your interpersonal dynamics. Your needs are changing, Sag babe. Embrace the pivots!

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