The 15 Best Travel Journals to Bring on Vacation


Katie Buckleitner

Have you ever gotten home from an epic vacay—Bali, Paris, or Louisville, Kentucky, wherever—and then immediately blanked when your work BFF asked you, “So, what did you do on your trip?” You’re not alone. As amazing as traveling is, it can often feel like a blur once it’s all over. I blame wine and how consuming the chaos of your “real” life is as soon as you get back to the grind. Not to mention the fact that it’s so easy to snap tons of pics on your phone and then move on to the next destination on your itinerary without pausing to reflect on what you just experienced. You know where I’m going with all of this. You need a travel journal.

Travel journals are the secret weapon of many adventurers, as they’re literally designed to help you keep track of the best parts of your trips. Many of these books are guided, meaning they prompt you to direct your mind towards the smaller details of your vacay. A lot of them also double as planners, helping you lay out all the details of your agenda (including your budget) in one convenient package.

There are literally thousands of travel journals on the market at this point, so luckily you can definitely find one that is tailored to exactly what you need. Some are intensely guided, which is great if you’re new to journaling, while others will let you do your thing, sans instruction. Read on for 15 of the best travel journals out there, and get excited for your next holiday. The world awaits.

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for someone who loves to get organized

Customizable Travel Journal

This journal is part diary, part perfect vacation planner. It has different sections for your packing list, your budget, the must-see locations, and a day-by-day itinerary, as well as space for free journaling. It even has a pocket for holding photos!


if you want to stay mindful

The 6-Minute Diary



You may have heard of the 6-minute diary already, and yes, you’re right—it’s not intended explicitly for travel. The concept is that you write for six minutes every day to stay happy and productive, which IMO, also happen to be key elements of a successful trip. So.  


if you hate being told what to do

Travel Journal in Art Trip

This notebook is a solid choice if you’re not looking for a tour guide. It’s mostly filled with simple lined pages, plus small sections for “Plan” and “Time.” The blank page will get your creative juices flowing.


ideal for someone going abroad

Adventure Book for Teens



This is designed to be used on one big trip. It features writing and drawing prompts, pockets for photos, pull-out postcards so you can send notes to your friends back home, and even a directory at the end so you can keep track of all the new people you meet. 


the no-frills choice

Moleskine Passion Journal

This journal gives you the quality of a Moleskine, plus everything you need to keep track of your constant adventures. It’s divided into three sections: Travel Memories & Wish List; Short Trips; and Long Trips. It’s ideal if you’re on the road often.


for the over-planner

Voyageur Notebook



This Moleskine is ideal for frequent and experienced travelers. It comes with detachable packing lists and large budget sections, making it easy for you to plan literally every detail. It also has tons of free-writing space—enough to last on multiple trips. 


the splurge option

Travels and Experiences Panama Notebook



If you want to pass as an influencer, you need a Smythson. Inside, the pages are lined, for you to fill at your leisure. Would look great next to a cappuccino and a croissant on a table at some outdoor cafe in Paris, just sayin’. 


for the intrepid traveler

All-Weather Side-Spiral Notebook

Rite In The Rain


This journal is entirely waterproof—like, literally, the cover *and* the pages. Take it with you to the beach or to the rainforest, and you’ll be able to record your adventures, regardless of the weather. Consider this, too: it won’t get ruined if your shampoo explodes in your bag. 


for the domestic traveler

50 States Traveled Journal



If you’re one of those people who is on a mission to visit every state in your lifetime, this journal was quite literally made for you. Each state gets two pages, and there are set prompts to make it easy for you to record what you did while there. Thorough but not crazy time-consuming.


For the free-thinker

Pack This Journal



This journal is designed so you can do whatever feels right to you as you record your travels. (In other words, there aren’t any lined pages.) You can write, draw, or glue pictures or ticket stubs right onto the pages. It also has pockets for keeping important memorabilia—an added bonus.


if you’ve got a lot to say

Refillable Handmade Leather Travelers Notebook



The best feature of this bad boy is that you can refill it, so you don’t have to worry about running out of pages. It also has blank and lined paper, waterproof pockets for stuff you collectt along the way, and a leather cover that’ll make you feel like a seasoned jet-setter. 


if you want help prepping for your trip

Designer Petite Planner

Erin Condren


This guy doesn’t disappoint, especially in the cute department. It features day-by-day breakdowns of everything you need for the trip, as well pages to help you chart out what you should get done a week before you leave. And, of course, it offers plenty of blank pages for documenting the must-remember moments of your travels.


for the month-long trip

Journey Journal WORLD EDITION



This is another great guided option that also provides a visual representation of where you’ve been. The front includes a map and thread so you can mark your travel route, differentiating how you got around using different colored thread. It’s designed for a 30-day trip, so snag it before you embark on your next big vacay.


if you’re seeking vintage glamour

Old World Journal

Mara Conlon


Inside, the design of this journal is pretty simple—just lined pages with the occasional quote about traveling to set the mood. But the front cover is totally enchanting and will give you those travel butterflies before you even step off the plane. 


if you want recs and tips

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded

If you’re looking to really get to know a place when you travel, the I Was Here journal can help—it’s packed with suggestions, like buying local toiletries or drawing a map of your new neighborhood. Also, it’s very cute!

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