The Anatomy of Your Absolute ~Best~ Sweats

Although we’re officially past The Year That Felt Like Three, the unofficial uniform of 2020 is definitely carrying over to 2021—you’re wearing sweats right now, no? That said, if you haven’t yet mastered the absolute ~art~ of finding the very best sweats—a pair so cozy you’ll be on day 2.5 in them without realizing—we’re here to break it down.

So what, exactly, goes into the ~best sweats~? Think: fit, style, and fibers that are super soft, cozy, and gentle on the earth. Alternative Apparel (basically an authority on all things comfy) used TENCEL™ , a brand of wood-based fibers, to create the Cotton Modal Interlock Collection—which includes sweatshirts and sweatpants that satisfy all the above. Check out what we’ve identified as the anatomy (yes, this is science class!) of the perfect sweats, and then thank us later, bb!

Find Your Fit

Listen, no one’s really buying a pair of sweatpants with the intention that they fit as tailored as “acceptable-for-in-the-office” work pants (what are those?!), but silhouette still matters. We believe the best pair is a happy medium between loose-fit legs and a secure-fit waist.

The classic fit of Alternative Apparel’s Cotton Modal Interlock Jogger Pants toes the line and also includes a more tapered leg shape, which complements all types of footwear. Or lack thereof.

Material Matters

It’s 2021 and reading labels goes faaaar beyond the food aisle. The best items worth purchasing are the ones made by companies that observe sustainable practices and utilize eco-friendly materials, such as Alternative Apparel’s use of TENCEL™ Modal fibers in its Cotton Modal Interlock collection. Make sure to pop into Alternative Apparel’s site to learn more about their #DoGoodFeelGood promise.

The TENCEL™ Modal fibers are created using pulp from naturally-grown beech wood from sustainably-managed forests. The fibers have even earned the United States Department of Agriculture BioPreferred designation. Since they’re made of sustainable material, the fibers are biodegradable—which means you can feel good about the way your sweats were made, which is a major plus, right?

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In Your Feelings

A veeeery important element of the best sweats: They’re comfy as hell—and the ones made from TENCEL™ Modal fibers def fit the bill. The fabric has a soft texture, serious breathability, and won’t result in unwanted static cling. Meet your couch’s new BFF!

Sweats Styling 101

Once you’ve mastered the nitty-gritty of choosing sweats, the final determining factor is styling. After all, no purchase—no matter how sustainable—is worthwhile if it doesn’t look amazing.

And yes, sweats deserve to be styled, even if only for you, your fur baby, and your TV. We recommend going with a slightly narrow silhouette of joggers, as it complements a classic trainer OR a chunky sneaker—depending on what kind of statement you’re making in your living room.

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For a minimal and foolproof approach to styling, pair with the coordinating Cotton Modal Interlock Pullover Sweatshirt and simple gold jewelry. Matching sets are having a serious moment, and throwing the outfit on is suuuuper quick and easy. Wanting to mix things up in your WFH style? Pair your sweats with a classic white tee, your favorite oversize cardigan, and a shearling-lined slipper for a cool mix of textures.

Visit the TENCEL™ #FeelsSoRight campaign page to learn more about the partnership between TENCEL™ and Alternative Apparel.

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