What Is Giuliana Rancic’s Net Worth?

Truly, does red carpet szn even exist without Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest trolling around asking celebrities the world’s most awkward questions? These two have been gracing us with their presence for over 20 years on E!’s Live From the Red Carpet whether we’ve wanted them to or not. But times are changing, as Giuliana just announced that she’s following in Ryan’s footsteps and leaving her signature role, writing in part, “After 20 fabulous years hosting E!’s red carpet, I have decided to step out of my red carpet heels into a new pair of shoes. ⁣”

And, um, she’s potentially giving up a *massive* *salary* by stepping down—meaning her total net worth could take a dip. Let’s run some numbers, shall we? We shall!

E! Pays Giuliana About $3 Million a Year

Where to even BEGIN with Giuliana’s career at E!? She joined the network in 2002 to co-host E! News, and did that job for over a decade along with Live from the Red Carpet. She then left E! News in 2015 (several months after making racist comments about Zendaya’s hair at the Oscars during Fashion Police), but continued in her other roles with the network. Giuliana then returned as anchor of E! News in 2018 and continued covering the red carpet. It’s been a lot!

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Oh! And we can’t forget that she had a whole damn reality show with her husband, Bill, aptly called Giuliana and Bill, which aired from 2009 to 2014. In other words, she’s done a LOT for the network, and her overall salary is about $3 million a year according to Celebrity Net Worth. But considering that Live from the Red Carpet is one of Giuliana’s main gigs, her salary is probably gonna take a dip. HOWEVER!

She Has a New Job Lined Up

In a statement announcing her departure from the red carpet, Giuliana mused, “One of my passions is great storytelling and I am thrilled to announce a new development deal with E!‘s parent company NBCUniversal where I will be producing and bringing stories to life.”

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TBD on what this job will look like exactly, but let’s assume she’ll be well compensated, yeah?

There’s Been Some Drama with Giuliana’s Salary in the Past

Back in 2017, longtime host Catt Sadler quit her job with E! News, citing “a massive disparity in pay between my similarly situated male co-host [Jason Kennedy] and myself.”

In a blog post (via CNN), Catt explained, “He wasn’t just making a little more than I was. In fact, he was making close to double my salary for the past several years,” and said “my team and I asked for what I know I deserve and were denied repeatedly.”

So, how does this relate to Giuliana? During the drama of it all, a source defending E! News to People said that Giuliana made “three times” Jason’s salary. “The idea of E! not paying women equally couldn’t be further from the truth,” the source claimed. “Giuliana made more than three times Jason’s salary when they hosted together. And another one of his co-hosts also made significantly more.”

She Has a Lot of $ Tied Up in Real Estate

Apparently hosting every E! show under the sun wasn’t enough, because Giuliana and her husband Bill also love flipping real estate. The couple owns multiple properties—including “over a dozen homes in LA alone” according to Celebrity Net Worth, which they’ve sold over the years. One of their most impressive flips? The $7.675 million Brentwood home they purchased in 2019, which they turned around for $9.25 million.

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So, What’s Her Total Net Worth?

That’d be $30 million (combined with her husband, Bill). TBD on whether that number goes up or down now that she’s left her E! hosting gig, but we’ll keep you posted, obviously. In the meantime, here’s my favorite Giuliana GIF for posterity:

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Love deets on celeb net worths? Same. Let’s over-analyze them together.

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