Who Is Madison Prewett? – ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Madison Prewett Facts

Get excited, by which I mean drown yourself in a sea of red roses, because Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is underway, and Chris Harrison rounded up a truly A+ group of contestants. We don’t know who Peter pops the question to (er, if he pops the question), but we’re already getting to know his girlfriend squad thanks to some serious sleuthing. We dived deep into Hannah Ann Sluss, Kelsey Weier, and Victoria Fuller, and today we’re bringing you everything there is to know about Alabama native Madison Prewett. Ya know, the girl who got Peter’s first one-on-one date? Her!



First of All, You’re Gonna Want to Follow Her on Instagram

Madison’s handle is @MadiPrew and it’s already proving to be a big source of entertainment for Bachelor fans. Mostly because she kinda-sorta-maybe made a fake fan account for herself and then accidentally commented on a post using her real account. Fans have been roasting her, with one posting, “Happy to provide tutorials on toggling between your personal and fan accounts.”



This Isn’t Her First Time on Reality TV

Madison actually won The Price Is Right last year and took home $8,000 thanks to playing something quite literally called Put It in the Bag. Apparently, it involved matching groceries to the correct price? IDEK.

Anyway, tragically, I couldn’t find a video, so here’s a GIF of Peter looking cute instead:



She *Just* Graduated From College

Back when Madison was on The Price Is Right (so…last year), she reportedly told the host that she was planning to save her prize money for post-graduation, as she was just moments away from graduating from Auburn University with a degree in communications. Maybe she ended up using that $ to fund her Bachelor wardrobe, who knows?

She’s Super Religious

Madison went to seminary school at Highlands College and talked a little bit about the experience in a since-deleted YouTube video:

“My whole life, I’ve been completely shut off to the idea of ministry. I loved the church, but I wanted to come to church and escape the weights and busyness of the world. I wanted to come to church and find rest and peace and comfort. And about three months ago, the Lord just spoke to me and I had this revelation and realized in that moment what my God-given purpose was, and that’s ministry. In any way, shape, or form, I know that that is what the Lord has called me to do. I love my church, I serve at my church, I’m dedicated to my church, and I couldn’t think of any other seminary school that I’d rather go to. And I’m just hungry to learn more about God and about the church. That’s why I think Highlands College is the perfect fit for me.”

Speaking of religious YouTube videos, I ended up finding Madison’s YouTube channel, which featured a montage of her ministry trip to Uganda that has also since been deleted. Sorry!

She’s saving herself for marriage

Also related to Madison’s religious beliefs: She’s saving herself for marriage. In a teaser for hometown dates, we see Madison revealing this information, and then adding, “If he sleeps with anyone else, it’s going to be hard for me to continue to move forward.”

And let’s not forget that Peter is the same guy who keeps condoms in his car and also had sex with Hannah Brown four times during their windmill fantasy suite date, so this might end up being an issue, just saying!

Her Dad’s Twitter Has a Ton of Info

Turns out, Chad Prewett is a well-known basketball coach in Alabama, and thanks to his verified Twitter account, we know that Madison is one of three kids. Here, enjoy this blurry family photo!



And this sweet Mother’s Day pic!

Plus, here’s Madison with her dad on her birthday this year:

And here she is graduating college!

She Went on the First One-on-One Date

Speaking of family, Madison is so obsessed with hers that Peter knew she’d be the perfect plus one to his parents’ vow renewal. He told Cosmopolitan, “Madison was perfect for that date. With some girls, that would’ve been weird. First date, coming home, meeting not just my parents but the whole family and extended family…but she was in her element.”

Cool! But maybe don’t ever do that again on a first date, Peter, mmkay?

She’s a Former Pageant Girl

Apparently, Madison competed as Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014. Couldn’t get much more info than this picture, but hopefully, we’ll get into pageant drama on The Bachelor.


Miss Alabama Teen USA

I Also Found Her Personal Website, Because I’m Just That Good

Okay, thanks to Madison’s LinkedIn still being public, we know that she’s a “foster parent recruiter” for an organization in Birmingham, Alabama, and that she’s “passionate about making a difference in any way I can.” But she also links to her personal photography website, where you can see some of her work (it’s a lot of cute babies and engagement pics).

That’s it for now, but we’ll be adding updates to this as more information breaks about ya girl.

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