Who Is Victoria Fuller on Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Season?

Much like a jet releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere and slowly destroying the planet, pilot Peter Weber is flying high on the wings of love. This not-at-all-boring-how-dare-you reject from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette is ABC’s new Bachelor, and by all accounts, it’s already the Most! Dramatic! Season! Ever!

While you can get to know all of Peter’s many, many girlfriends right this way, we’re here to talk about Virginia Beach native Victoria Fuller—because something tells us the show is setting her up to cause a lot of drama this season (which she doesn’t seem particularly thrilled about).




Okay, First, Let’s Acknowledge Some Shady Stuff in Her Past

TL;DR: Victoria did some modeling for a now-defunct White Lives Matter clothing brand. She hasn’t said a word about it so far, but fans of the show are obviously less than thrilled.

You can read about her controversies, including White Lives Matter modeling and rumors about her dating history, in full over here.

Victoria Used to Date Musician Chase Rice

If your immediate reaction is “What the hell is a Chase Rice?”…guys. He’s only the dude Peter and Victoria saw play during their date in Ohio on Tuesday, October 2! Meaning that yes, Victoria had to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend on TV with zero warning. The entire thing is extremely sus considering Bachelor producers presumably knew Victoria and Chase had dated at some point, and according to Reality Steve (who broke the news), she was NOT happy.

Victoria ended up basically dragging Peter out of the concert, and Reality Steve says that “Once they got offstage, Victoria was visibly upset talking to her producer with her arms crossed. Peter talked to Chase first. Then Victoria went to talk to Chase behind the tent with two camera crews filming the entire time. Soooo yeah, definitely more to this story.”

And now that the already iconic (don’t @ me) date has aired, we know that yeah, Victoria was pretty upset about the situation and basically just cried the entire time, cause she was scared to tell Peter about her relationship with Chase (cause I guess he’s allowed to date 20+ women at once and she’s not allowed to have an ex? Unclear!). However, after Peter asked if she still has feelings for Chase and she convinced him that she doesn’t, all is well in Bachelor land and the two of them make out. Ah, young love!

BTW, Chase Still Follows Victoria on Instagram

Which seems to imply that their relationship ended on an okay note. Chase also addressed their relationship in an interview, saying, “We spent a night together in Charlotte, she’s a cool chick, from what I know of her. You know, I got no problem with her.” Oookay!

She’s Pretty Much a Regular Person

The Bachelor has been making a habit of casting aspiring influencers like Hannah Sluss, and it’s hard to say where exactly Victoria falls on that spectrum. Like so many Bachelor stars who have come before her, she’s a sales rep, and before that, she was a public school teacher. But now she has 135K followers on Instagram, and she did date a musician and do that whole modeling thing, soooooo.

Her Social Media Is Currently Available for Analyzing

Peep Victoria’s Instagram @vlfuller when you have a second! There are lots of pics! Reality Steve already highlighted a few, including one that appears to be her in a wedding dress?!?


Instagram​/Reality Steve

On top of that, some extremely extensive Instagram sleuthing on the part of yours truly (please pray for me) uncovered the public accounts of her friends, and Victoria is allll over them. One of her BFFs even made a joke about her going on The Bachelor last January:



And according to her friends’ Instagram pics, Victoria seems like a totally nice person with literally zero drama. (Side note: 🤔????)





Victoria doesn’t appear to have a public Facebook account, and she’s done a pretty good job of scrubbing the internet of her presence, but we’ll be updating this post with more VERY IMPORTANT INFO as it comes in.

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