Your Horoscope for the Week of April 12th, Weekly Horoscope

Even though most of us are currently staying home as much as we can, how grounded are we, really? The Moon in Capricorn begins the week with helpful clarity and efficiency, inspiring us to get ahead on past-due tasks. Then the Sun enters Taurus on Sunday, giving the zodiac a greater passion for centeredness, sensuality, and simple pleasures.


It’s all about you, Aries! You have career success on the radar, thanks to the helpful Capricorn Moon boosting your ambition and giving you the drive to make your goals come true. Taurus Season begins on Sunday, inspiring you to both treat yourself and develop strategies that bring you closer to achieving financial freedom.


Breakthrough moment, bull! The Moon in Capricorn is making you ~realize things~. This revelations will inspire different behavior, giving you even better results where you need them. Then, Taurus Season begins on Sunday! May all your bday wishes manifest as you showcase your best qualities, like your loyalty, consistency, and empathy.


Feeling down, Gemini? The week begins with an intimate Capricorn Moon that encourages you to imagine deeper connections. Even if you’re physically apart from your boo or crush, indulge in your fantasies. On Sunday, Taurus Season begins motivating you to initiate closure and wrap up loose ends in your life so you can begin again in Gemini season!


FaceTime date, Cancer? The relational Capricorn Moon sets a romantic tone for the beginning of the week. Initiate a connection with a surprising match—opposites attract rn. Taurus Season begins on Sunday—meet up with your BFFs in the Zoom room to feel supported.


Your routine is everything, Leo! The hardworking Capricorn Moon begins your week with habits that get you closer to success. On Sunday, Taurus Season begins, and your motivation for your career lights you up! Take risks to accomplish your dreams.


Get creative, Virgo! The confidence-boosting Capricorn Moon helps you showcase your creative talents—you’re realizing just how amazing you are. When Taurus Season begins on Sunday, you’ll want to focus on educational opportunities. Buy books, enroll in an online class, and enjoy investing in yourself!


Monday blues, Libra? The vulnerable Capricorn Moon makes you feel your feels and talk about them, too. The start of Taurus Season on Sunday inspires you to do the emotional and psychological work towards exploring intimacy and authenticity within yourself and others.


Speak your mind, Scorpio! The Capricorn Moon opens the week with you saying what you need to say for clear and mutual communication. Taurus Season begins on Sunday, giving you a romantic opportunity to find sparks with someone new, deepen your bond with your boo, or find a way to end a relationship that has served its purpose.


Check your budget, Sag! The hardworking Capricorn Moon has you learning more about financial literacy and seeking new opportunities in this complicated time. Taurus Season begins on Sunday, inspiring you to focus on your health and establish a routine that works for you.


Choose vulnerability, Cappy! The Moon shines from your sign at the start of the week, motivating you to share your feels. When Taurus Season begins on Sunday, it reminds you how badass it is to be vulnerable and gives you the bravery and passion to show the world you heart.


It’s so surreal, Aquarius. The Moon in Capricorn lights up your intuition and dream zone, making your gut hunches accurate AF. On Sunday, Taurus Season begins, helping you find the places and people who give you the comfort and safety of “home.”


Check in on your friends, Pisces! The Capricorn Moon has you supporting your ride-or-dies at a time when we all need it. Your communication skills will be uplifted when Taurus Season begins on Sunday, encouraging you to pay attention to the details, speak articulately, and actively listen to your loved ones.

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