Your Horoscope for the Week of August 30th, Weekly Horoscope

Overview: Need a lil closure? This week’s Full Moon in Pisces (the last sign of the zodiac) gives us the opportunity to heal, surrender, forgive, and complete past patterns that began during the New Moon in Pisces this past February. You’ll want to initiate conversations with your connections when Mercury enters Libra on Saturday, where it will stay until September 27.

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Closure is a gift you give yourself, Aries. Wednesday’s Full Moon in Pisces brings you full circle to an experience that you need to release yourself from. Mercury enters your Libra-ruled romance, trust, and negotiation zone on Saturday, helping you ask for what you want, listen carefully to others’ desires, and strive for a solution.


You need help too, Taurus! A Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday lights up your friendship zone, helping you receive deeper support from your friends. On Saturday, Mercury enters your Libra-ruled health and wellness zone. Think about trying new strategies and forming routines that improve your mental health.


Glow up, Gemini! A Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday in your career sector helps you take brave and powerful steps towards making your professional dreams come true. On Saturday, Mercury enters your Libra-ruled confidence and creativity zone. Try to focus your energy on self-esteem so you can avoid comparing yourself to others.


You’re allowed to want, Cancer! A Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday wants to transform your life by giving you permission to name your desire to generate new experiences. Mercury enters your Libra-ruled home and emotion zone on Saturday, so you’ll get even smarter about your feels.


Can you handle the truth, Leo? Wednesday’s Full Moon in Pisces shines light on something you need to know related to honesty, intimacy, and growth. Mercury enters your Libra-ruled communication zone on Saturday, reminding you that you’ll get more understanding by giving others a little more honey, not vinegar.


Happy Birthday, Virgo! The Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday wants to give you love. It wants to call in romance, deepen the dynamic you’re in, and/or complete a relationship that’s served its purpose. Mercury enters your Libra-ruled income and value zone on Saturday, helping you get curious about practicing your values—and about methods for financial success.


Health is wealth, Libra! Wednesday’s Full Moon in Pisces gives you motivation to improve the quality of your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Mercury enters your sign on Saturday, clearing the brain fog, miscommunications, and exhaustion. Critical thinking, articulation, and active-listening return, so show us what you’re made of!


“Courage” is your middle name! A confident Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday wants you to share your most heartfelt stories, emotions, and experiences. Lead with vulnerability for results! Mercury enters your Libra-ruled spirituality zone on Saturday, so dust off the dream journal, trust your intuition’s accuracy, and remember what you wonder.


Happy homecoming, Sag! A Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday wants to reunite you with the people, places, and experiences that feel like home. It could be a tender day, so give yourself permission to feel! Mercury enters your Libra-ruled friendship zone on Saturday, helping you feel more connected (digitally or at a safe distance) to your ride-or-dies.


Read between the lines, Cap! A Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday focuses your attention to how you pick up on what’s being said through what’s not being said—you’re a body language expert now. Mercury enters your Libra-ruled career zone on Saturday, blessing you with even more ambition, problem-solving, and professional relationships for success.


What are your security needs, Aquarius? A Full Moon in Pisces this Wednesday helps you clarify the values, people, finances, and places that you need in order to feel safe. Mercury enters your Libra-ruled wisdom zone on Saturday, so if you’ve been meaning to finish that book and/or enroll in the online program, now’s the time to show your student skills!


The Full Moon shines for you, Pisces! Wednesday is your annual moment to celebrate where you got it right, and start anew where you didn’t. It’s powerful, healing, and transformative! Mercury enters your Libra-ruled intimacy and authenticity on Saturday, giving you the curiosity and communication skills to explore sex and truth.

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