17 Newlywed Couples Who Wouldn’t Let Quarantine Ruin Their Dream Wedding

Even in the age of a pandemic, love conquers all.

For thousands of couples all around the world, COVID-19 forced wedding celebrations to be adjusted, postponed or flat out cancelled. But for some Americans, they decided to roll up their sleeves and get creative with their ceremonies. 

While the guest list may have been smaller and the wedding venue may have looked different, many couples turned a negative into a positive with results that deserve a toast.

“This is a very, very unique time in our history that we might not have again…You have such an opportunity,” Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings host Allison Holker shared with E! News exclusively. “Instead of looking at is as a negative aspect, you have an opportunity to have a whole new outlook. Your own story can be whatever you make of it.” 

According to Emily Forrest, who serves as Director of Communications for Zola, the wedding company has seen a renewed sense of confidence and creativity in regards to wedding planning.


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