Cheat Sheet: Breaking Down the Love Lives of Clare Crawley, Olivia Rodrigo & Kourtney Kardashian

Clare Crawley is single once again while Kourtney Kardashian has quietly entered a new relationship. And what about Disney’s newest love triangle? We’re untangling all the drama below.

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Tuesday, January 19 was the last day in U.S. history a woman had never been vice president, the last day a person of color had never been vice president. And that’s a BFD. 

In fact, the entire week of the 2021 presidential inauguration was filled historic, heartwarming and emotional moments. (All the tributes to Beau Biden really had us in our feels.) So, we’re going to go out on a limb and say your mind wasn’t fully focused on Hollywood. And you know what? That’s OK because we’re here to fill you in.

Justin Timberlake finally announced he and Jessica Biel welcomed baby no. 2, Kristin Cavallari reunited with Jay Cutler (but it’s not what you thinkand the Bridgerton cast had a totally NSFW conversation about sex, drugs and season two that you truly need to read to believe. 

And that’s just the start. Grab your drink of choice and give us five minutes to catch you up on the biggest (and messiest) stories you need to know. Scroll on and thank us later.

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The Most Dramatic Split Ever
Well, at least in terms of recent Bachelor Nation breakups. On Jan. 19, Dale Moss announced he and Clare Crawley had officially ended their engagement, which, as it turns out, was news to Clare. “She believed they were working on their relationship,” a source familiar with the circumstance told E! News. “Clare was in shock by this and felt completely blindsided.”

It’s a feeling she likely felt more than once throughout their five-month engagement. After all, multiple sources exclusively told E! that Clare believes Dale was cheating on her with his friend Eleonora Srugo, a New York City-based real estate agent. “Dale would always reassure Clare that it was nothing serious,” said a source close to the situation, but “multiple people have told Clare that Dale was parading around NYC with this girl.” (Insiders close to both Dale and Eleonora deny these accusations.) Now, “completely devastated,” the season 16 lead is working to pick up the pieces, according to the source: “She is trying to process everything since the split happened so fast and abruptly.”

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Drama
Lindsay Lohan
, Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff‘s love triangle walked, so Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter‘s could run. ICYMI, Disney co-stars Olivia and Joshua—who also play an on-again, off-again couple on HSMTMTSsparked romance rumors in early 2020 before Joshua moved on with Sabrina in June. So what, you ask? Well, in early January, the incredibly talented Olivia released her instant hit “drivers license.” The lyrics not only refer to a breakup and a song written about her (cough, Joshua’s “Anyone Else”) but also an older blonde. That person, of course, is Sabrina, who is four years older than Olivia.

Now if you’ve been anywhere near gen z, you know this is just the beginning. A week later, Joshua released “Lie Lie Lie” seemingly pointed at Olivia and then Sabrina dropped “Skin,” in which she sings, “Maybe you didn’t mean it / Maybe blonde was the only rhyme.” Yes wildcats, drama class is in session. And while Joshua and Sabrina are now putting the finishing touches on their duet “We Both Know,” Olivia is busy celebrating her success. Who needs a man when your song is no. 1 in the world and Taylor Swift loves your work?


The Girl at the Rock Show From Calabasas
Nobody likes you when you’re 23, so Kourtney Kardashian is relishing in 41. She and good friend Travis Barker recently took their relationship from platonic to…something more, a source confirms to E! News. Over the weekend, the duo, who also happen to be neighbors, relaxed poolside together at Kris Jenner‘s Palm Spring home, which they both documented on Instagram, naturally.

In fact, the Blink 182 drummer has been making several appearances on Kourtney’s social media as of late. When the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a sultry selfie to Instagram, he commented with a single rose. And, after she shared a snap in the ocean, he replied with tulip emoji. It’s all those small things that matter most… 

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Loving Who You Are
JoJo Siwa was born this way—and, damn, is she proud of that. After the Internet began speculating about her sexuality, the 17-year-old phenom confirmed she’s part of the LGBTQ+ community with a subtle yet powerful selfie, in which she was seen wearing a “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” t-shirt.

The following day, she took to Instagram Live to share the pride and confidence she’s found in herself. “I have never, ever, ever been this happy before,” JoJo raved. “I want people to know that there is so much love in the world and it is so incredible.”

And while she’s not ready to identify with a specific label yet, she does want to empower her millions of fans to embrace their truth. “Right now what matters is that you guys know that no matter who you love, that it’s OK and that it’s awesome and that the world is there for you,” she said, later adding, “I think a lot of people are afraid of being different, and that’s something we should never, ever be afraid of. That’s something we should be proud of.”

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