Mike Tindall Shares Adorable Update on His Newborn Baby After Unexpected Bathroom Delivery

Mike Tindall, who’s married to Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter Zara Tindall, gave fans a rugby-related update on their baby boy after his unexpected home birth in their bathroom.

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After a surprising arrival into the world, Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall‘s newborn son apparently already has rugby on the brain. 

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The new dad of three, who welcomed a baby boy named Lucas Philip Tindall with his royal wife—she’s the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II—just over a week ago, gave fans an adorable update on his podcast, The Good, The Bad & The Rugby

“It’s been good actually, can’t complain,” Mike said of their first week with the family’s new addition. “He’s pretty good, the wee man. He loves his Umbro Lord’s work stash that we’ve already got him in, but yeah, no, he’s been great so far.”

If you’re not up to date on rugby, Mike is a former player and Umbro is an English sports equipment brand that makes rugby kits among other products. As for the “Lord,” that’s Mike’s rugby nickname. 

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It sounds like things have calmed down at the Tindall home following baby Lucas’ unexpected home birth in the bathroom on March 21. 


As Mike explained on a previous episode of the podcast, Zara’s friend Dolly Maude was with them at the time and realized they wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time. “So it was running to the gym, get a mat, get into the bathroom, get a mat on the floor, towels down,” he described, “‘brace, brace, brace.'”

“Fortunately, the midwife, who was going to meet us at the hospital wasn’t that far away,” he noted, “so she drove up, got there just as we’d assumed the [position]. And then the second midwife arrived just after the head had arrived.”

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Now, as they get accustomed to life as a family of five, it seems Mike got his wish. “I’d like a boy this time,” he said on the podcast in December. “I’ve got two girls. I would like a boy. I will love it whatever, whether it a boy or a girl—but please be a boy.”

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