Ranking Jennifer Lopez’s Best Music Videos Ever

Very few do it as well as Jennifer Lopez.

From the recording studio to the movie theater, the TV screen to the Super Bowl, the multi-hyphenate has spent the last several decades proving that there’s very little she can’t do while sporting a body that’s inspired a million gym memberships. But while she’s achieved success in nearly everything she’s attempted, she’s made, perhaps, her biggest impact in the world of music. 

Beginning with the release of her debut single “If You Had My Love” in 1999, Lopez provided the soundtrack to our lives for the last 21 years, helping us turn up at the club with hit after hit. And with each one of them comes the obligatory music video to help promote the track. Only, in her hands, the music video is no mere obligation. It’s a damn work of art. 

The music video is the place where each of her distinct talents can come together, with the acting, the singing and the dancing all working in concert to give us something we’ll never forget.


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