See the Friday Night Lights Cast, Then and Now

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

While it’s been almost ten years since we’ve heard Coach Taylor, played by Kyle Chandler, give one of his inspiring speeches on the football field, it feels like just yesterday that we were enjoying the acclaimed series for the first time.

Since Friday Night Lights ended in 2011, the legacy continues thanks to a continued following of new fans discovering the show, as well as many of the cast members going off to continue to raise their profile.

Whether its seeing Chandler take on more series regular roles in shows like Bloodline or watching Connie Britton shine as the star of Nashville or Dirty John, there is no doubt that the show about a little Texas town and its football program set up plenty of its performers for superstardom.

In honor of E!’s Labor Day weekend marathon of the entire series, which starts today, Friday, Sept. 4 at 6 a.m., we’re taking a look at what achievements the Friday Night Lights cast has had since we left them back in Dillon.

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