These Summer Movies Will Take You Back to a Simpler Season

The summer movie season is looking a lot different this year.

Despite entering the warmest season, officially, on June 20, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made it so that all the blockbusters planned for release between June and August are delayed just a bit longer. So, while multiplexes may begin to open up around the country with strict protocols in place to keep customers safe, their offerings certainly won’t be what they once intended to be.

For instance, want to see Wonder Woman 1984, which was originally set for release on June 5? Well, it was just moved—yet again—from August 14 to October 2, 2020, taking it out of summer altogether.

But just because COVID-19 is impacting our present summer movie season, it doesn’t mean we can’t look back to the films of seasons past to get into the spirit. Thanks to streaming services, we can bring turn our living rooms into our own movie theaters and let these films remind us of simpler times.

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