10 Best Hair Extensions of 2020


Out of all the hair extensions I’ve ever touched, seen, or worn, Bellami’s mimic real, born-with-it hair the best. The quality is just insanely good: They offer primarily 100 percent REMY human hair (meaning the cuticles are intact and all facing the same direction) but also some high-quality synthetic hair (kind of a rarity, TBH). So really, you can’t go wrong with whichever hair you choose, which is good, because they have a ton of options: clip-ins (long lengths, bangs, and ponytails), sew-ins, tape-ins, keratin-tip extensions, and I-tip extensions, all at customizable lengths, densities (so you don’t rip out your hair), and colors.

Overwhelmed? YUP. I get it. But luckily, most of these need to be professionally installed, so either visit a Bellami Beauty Bar if you live near one or have your own hairstylist help you choose the right type to install or just go the temporary way with some fun clip-ins.


Full disclosure: I went on a trip with Bellami to learn more about these extensions, and that’s where I actually got to wear this hair and can now attest to it being the best I’ve tried. In general, though, Bellami is kinda the holy grail for extensions, but can also get a bit pricey, so if you’re a first-timer, I recommend trying the 18-inch Piccolina clip-ins—they are $129, come in 17 colors, and are made with 100 percent REMY human hair (it’s what I wore and looked like an actual fairy princess queen). Pro tip for clip-ins: “Next time you get your hair cut, take your clip-ins with you and have your stylist cut them to frame your face and hair length,” says Lewis.


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