10 Best Halloween Doll Makeup Ideas and Tutorials for 2020

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Here’s the dilemma I face every Halloween: I’m always torn on whether I want to wear something ~sexy~ or scary, so I usually end up going for a copout like cat ears or vampire teeth. This year, though, I think I’ve finally found a costume that fits both categories with these Halloween doll makeup tutorials. Hear me out: There are so many ways you can interpret a doll (Bratz, Barbie, or creepy ventriloquist are all viable options), and the only nonnegotiable is big, ultra-emphasized eyes—whether that includes cute eyeshadow and falsies or fake blood and tears is totally your call. Just trust me and browse through these 10 doll makeup ideas, ahead, so you can start prepping your Halloween look ASAP. I mean, I know I am.

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This Wooden Doll Makeup for Halloween

I can’t tell if I’m deeply terrified of this doll makeup or extremely impressed—maybe a little bit of both? If this is the vibe you’re going for, you’ll need a face paint kit, a fine-tip brush, pink lipstick, and crazy-long falsies to recreate this look (and, fine, some next-level makeup skills won’t hurt either).


This Bratz Doll Makeup for Halloween

The key to nailing Bratz doll makeup for Halloween? Extend your eye makeup a solid few inches below your lash line to give the illusion of huge, exaggerated eyes. Same goes for your lips too, so make sure you grab a good matte lipstick and liner before you get started.


This Half-Face Doll Makeup for Halloween

You can’t go wrong with a half-face makeup look for Halloween, and this doll option is no exception. I love the idea of leaving one side of your face completely bare (no makeup or foundation) and going super OTT with the other. Just make sure you have a solid face-paint kit if you’re trying this one out yourself.


This Green Doll Makeup for Halloween

Remember when I said doll makeup is totally up to your interpretation? This green look is the perfect example of really making your Halloween makeup your own (and it’s a fun excuse to wear green eyeliner and glitter, soooo). This one personally gives me e-girl vibes.


This Subtle Doll Makeup for Halloween


This Matching Doll Makeup for Halloween

Looking for a cute joint costume idea? Allow me to introduce you to this matching doll makeup. White eyeliner, contrasting eyeshadow, and defined lips and brows help take this Bratz doll makeup to the next level.


This Eyelash Doll Makeup for Halloween

Thanks to a smart combo of face paint and falsies, this doll makeup look is allllll about long, spidery lashes. Eyes aside, though, I love that little sheen on top of the lips—genius, right? BRB while I go sit in front of my mirror and try to recreate it.


This Crying Doll Makeup for Halloween

This doll Halloween makeup isn’t really beginner-friendly, but even if you don’t have legit makeup skills, it’s still fun to look at. I mean, how realistic and creepy-looking do those watery tear ducts look?! This look is a solid 10/10.


This Cowgirl Doll Makeup for Halloween

Part cow, part doll, part anything you want it to be, this Halloween makeup is guaranteed to stand out at your friend’s party (even if, fine, it’s on Zoom this year). Grab a few stencils on Amazon, some black face paint, and really go in on those cow spots.


This Broken Doll Makeup for Halloween

Another more advanced option, this makeup looks like a legit broken doll (look at those intricate little cracks on the forehead!). Details aside, I love the bold pink smokey eye on this one (and, obvs, those super-defined brows).

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