10 Square Nail Ideas and Designs for 2020


Let’s get one thing straight: I’ve never been thaaat into my nails. Like, until recently, I had gotten so used to filing my nails into the same boring round shape that I kinda-sorta forgot other options existed. It wasn’t until I got a manicure last week and my technician suggested I try a square edge that I realized how something so minor like a nail shape can totally transform my vibe. Like, all of a sudden my nails looked cool? And intentional? And not the same as a middle-schooler’s? Needless to say, I’ve been on a square-nail beat ever since, and my Instagram saved collection is proof. And to get you on my level of “WUT,” I pulled the coolest, prettiest manicure ideas and designs to complement square nails—so get ready to screenshot ’em.

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These Floral Square Nails


These Abstract Square Nails


These Square-Oval Nails

Not sure if square nails are for you? Test drive a more subtle approach, like this part-square, part-oval shape that’s perfect for nail art or solid polish. Just make sure you’ve got a solid nail file on hand.

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These Tortoise Square Nails


These Picasso-Inspired Square Nails


These Flower Square Nails


These Neon Square-Tip Nails


These Galaxy Square Nails

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