11 Warm Winter Face Masks to Shop 2020 — Best Winter Face Masks

best warm winter face masks 2020

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For those of us—i.e., myself—who hate the cold and are sensitive to icy air, face masks at least help block some of it from hitting your face. While there are more lightweight styles out there, these warm winter face masks are thicker and have toasty warm fabrics like knits and shearling that’ll protect your face from frigid wind and cold temperatures. Wearing masks is still as important as ever given the rising cases of COVID globally, so you might as well keep warm and stay comfortable with the changing seasons while wearing one of these 11 toasty styles. And just because they’re a bit thicker, doesn’t mean they’re any less breathable! There are options below that hit all your checkmarks so you can look cute, stay safe, be warm, and breathe without any issue.

For even more masks to peruse if you need to revamp your face covering collection, click the links to shop the best masks that give back to charity, cool Black-owned face masks, or just a bunch of plain ol’ cute ones to buy, we got you.

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this ribbed one

Knit Mask – Blue

Lisa Says Gah


A cotton one with ribbed material will feel like a sweater around your nose and mouth, and it’s great for winter days when it’s not totally freezing outside. 


this earmuff one

Earmuff Reusable Warm Winter Mask



Okay, this one is actually SO smart. Keep both your face and ears warm with this combo mask and earmuff style. 


this teddy one

Teddybear Faux-Fur Mask



A textured teddy option will match all your equally fuzzy winter jackets—and keep you just as comfortable in arctic temps. 


this faux-fur one

Face Mask



A faux-fur style in animal print is both trendy and functional when the weather starts to get miserable (i.e., snowy and icy) outside.  


this quilted one

Quilted Mask



Like your puffy jackets, but in mask form! This style has two layers and light padding, but is still breathable and comes in tons of cute colors. 


this jacquard one

Two Layered Jacquard Bubble Cotton Fabric Mask



Double the layers of jacquard fabric means no chilly air is getting through these babies. They come in many shades so you can get one that matches your cute winter ‘fit. 


this wire-free one

Pride (4-Pack)

Henry Mask


If you’re not a fan of the wires around the bridge of your nose, this pack of four masks is designed in a way that covers your nose without them. They’re also made with a three-ply fabric for extra protection against the elements. 


this denim one

Blue Jean Face Mask



A thicker denim material will definitely help combat the colder seasons better than your lightweight, summery masks. 


this sweater one

Button Back Sweater Knit Face Mask



This cute one resembles a sweater with the button closures on the back and knit material, and it’ll be just as warm. 


these thick ones

5 Winter Adult Masks



Caraa’s pack of masks are so popular that the brand made them in a thicker style specifically for winter. You can choose from a bunch of color schemes for a pack of five, like this pretty blue one. 


this knit one

Knit Fall Winter Face Mask



So many reviewers of this knit mask attest to its warmth, and the knit texture will complement your cozy jumpers. 

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