12 Best Push-Up Bras 2020 — Cute, Best-Reviewed Push-Up Bras

In the past couple years, bralettes have seemingly taken over the bra industry, but there’s no shame at all in wearing styles that give you a little extra somethin’. Whether you’re looking to go up a cup size (or two!) or you want a bra that has more subtle padding, there’s a push-up out there that fits your preferences.

Here, we’ve rounded up the top-rated push-up bras that the internet has to offer in a variety of styles and cup sizes, so your boobs can feel supported—and you can show off some major cleavage if that’s what you’re into.

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Best Strapless

Notable 5-star review:

This is the best strapless bra that I have found and I am naturally busty. My boobs are heavy, and sleepy, and this bra holds them up, makes them look good (no more flattened uni-boob), doesn’t fall down at all!!!!

Best Wireless

Notable 5-star review:

This bra is super comfortable and puts my girls right where I like them. I am a 36C and feel the bra is true to size. The material is super soft too. It gives the feeling of an underwire push-up without the uncomfortable wire digging in. It’s not super padded, which I like because I have more wide-set breasts and like when a push-up centers and lifts without adding too much volume. So it’s perfect for me!

Best T-Shirt

Notable 5-star review:

This quickly became my everyday bra. It is so comfortable and provides just the right amount of push up. The material is very high quality. I can definitely see myself purchasing more!

Best Lace

Notable 5-star review:

Cute and it makes me look cute. This push-up brings my girls closer together which I love. I give credit to the front clasp, which much better for pushups than back closures. Super comfortable and easy to wear.

Best Lightly-Lined

Notable 5-star review:

These bras are a new favourite. This is my first time ordering bras online, but thought I’d give it a go since I could always return them if they didn’t work out…and it paid off! I’m a true 34A and the fit is perfect. The push-up style is a real “boost” without feeling excessively padded. I love the front-adjusting straps (eureka!), and the J-hook is a game-changer for me as bra straps are constantly slipping off my shoulders. I definitely recommend this brand!

Best Seamless

Notable 5-star review:

This bra deserves 5 stars…I found a bra that I can wear all day long without the urge to take it off as soon as I get home! I highly recommend others to try.

Best Graduated-Padding

Notable 5-star review:

This bra is pretty and gives great support, without going overboard on the padding. It gives just the right amount of shaping to tees and sweaters and looks very natural. I have worn this style for many years and have not had any problems with the mesh band stretching out.

Best Mesh

Notable 5-star review:

I am in love the bra—fits perfectly and is exactly what I needed and wanted throughout my years of searching for the right bra. Words cannot explain how much I love this bra. Thank You ThirdLove.

Best Natural Lift

Notable 5-star review:

I LOVE the Embraceable push up bra. Not only is it affordable, but it is both comfortable AND supportive. After having 4 children, I need a bra with natural lift and support and this does the job beautifully. It is my go-to bra.

Best Balconette

Notable 5-star review:

I LOVE you Rihanna! Shopping for bras to fit my large breasts is a miserable process that usually ends in me settling with an uncomfortable bra that doesn’t fit correctly. The fit on this bra holds me in without my breasts flopping out the sides! I am 100% ordering again! Bra shopping doesn’t suck anymore and you can’t imagine what a relief that is for me—and a confidence builder!

Best Convertible Strap

Notable 5-star review:

Loving this bra! I haven’t been very successful in finding convertible bras that fit well…until now! Not only is the quality great, the fit is perfect. They were right in saying that this fits better on a full bust. I’ve tried the different combos, I bought this specifically for racerback and am pleased that there isn’t a gap in the cup when I covert to the criss cross. And, bonus, bought this on sale! Definitely recommend.

Best Adhesive

Notable 5-star review:

I love this product! I like the feeling of having a bra that fits well and these give me just the lift I want in any bra I am wearing and makes my bras fit perfectly!

Reviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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