12 Editor Picks for Hauliday by Cosmo x Klarna Event 2020

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Katie Buckleitner

One of the coolest things about being a Cosmo editor is that you get to be one of the first to discover new products and try them out to see if they’re legit (seriously, my apartment is overrun with moisturizers and serums at all times). It’s a tough job, but you know what? It’s worth it, because we get to share all our best finds with you—including right now.

In case you didn’t know, Cosmo is teaming up with Klarna for the massive Hauliday event that’s happening August 8 and 9 (ahem, that’s this weekend). Mark it on your calendar, ’cause it’s a 48-hour shopping spree that includes alllll the stuff you love, like beauty products, clothes, household items, and more at up to 50 percent off. And to help you narrow down the products and deals that are one hundred percent worth your money, I did the prep work for you by asking a bunch of Cosmo editors for their expert recommendations, so your cart will only be stocked with the good stuff.

Ahead, the 12 picks Cosmo editors are obsessed with that you should definitely be shopping during the Hauliday weekend.

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These Drop Earrings

Siizu Abigail Earrings

“Don’t get me wrong—I love a pair of bb gold hoop earrings (I wear them every single day), but I’m trying to switch things up with my jewelry. These drop earrings are perfect—they’re eye-catching without being gaudy, and the simplistic design is anything but boring.” —Ama Kwarteng, beauty assistant

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This Weighted Blanket

Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket

“I cannot stress enough how much I love weighted blankets. I just sleep better with the entire weight of a Bernese mountain dog resting on my body! I’ll be hitting up Sunday Citizen for an Off White Crystal Weighted Blanket.” —Mia Lardiere, Snapchat editor

💫PROMOTION: Save 20 percent with the code KLARNAHAULIDAY.


This Hair Styler

Dyson Airwrap Styler

“My dream buy would be the Dyson Air Wrap at Sephora. I’ve heard all of the rave reviews, but I didn’t have the guts to hit ‘check out’ because of the price tag—until now (TY, Klarna!). Because I have fine and flat hair, the Volume + Shape styler would give my hair a much needed boost.”Jenna Andrews, senior visual editor

💫PROMOTION: Spend $25 and receive a free gift with purchase with the code KLARNAFRESH.


These Track Pants

Adidas Daniëlle Cathari Track Pants

“I know these are technically track pants, which probably makes you think they’re meant to be worn at home or on a quick grocery store run, but I swear they’re so damn versatile. You can wear them with sneakers if you want a more ~chill~ vibe or wear them with heels if you’re feeling like a boss.” —AK

💫PROMOTION: Save 20 percent on orders of $100 or more with the code KLARNAHAULIDAY


This Facial Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

“I’m going to stock up on some SK-II Essence at Sephora. I’ve been using my mom’s SK-II Essence since moving back home and I’m OBSESSED with it. I’ve been eating like shit lately (frozen pizzas every night) and while dairy usually wreaks havoc on my skin, I’ve never had better skin in my life due to all the vitamins and amino acids in this toner.” —Carina Hsieh, sex and relationships editor

💫PROMOTION: Spend $25 and receive a free gift with purchase with the code KLARNAFRESH.


These Statement Earrings

Okella’s Book Club Metal Statement Ball Earrings



“I’ve been trying to curb my habit of buying gold earrings that only look slightly different from each other, and these statement gold bars are definitely worthy of joining my jewelry rotation. At 4.5 inches long, there’s no way they won’t make even the most basic outfit stand out. Plus, any purchase from Okella’s Book Club goes toward a mission-based company with a moving backstory.” —Shannon Barbour, news writer

💫PROMOTION: Spend $50 or more and get a free scarf and bangle with the code KLARNAHAULIDAY.


These Golf Sneakers

Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes

“I’ve been trying to get into golf for a socially distanced new hobby, but it turns out you need…all this stuff for it? Lol. (Also, I’m terrible, but that’s not the point.) Klarna + a discount on this pretty pair of shoes from Adidas will make gearing up a whole lot more palatable!” —Madeleine Frank Reeves, deputy articles director

💫PROMOTION: Save 20 percent on orders of $100 or more with the code KLARNAHAULIDAY.


This Blue Floral Dress

ASOS Design Tiered Ruffle Cami Slip Maxi Dress

“Once we finally bust out of quarantine, I vow never to wear sweatpants again. I am in the MOST desperate need of bright colors, ball gowns, and 6-inch heels. You feel? This dress gives me alllll the ~out and about~ vibes, and it took me about 0.02 seconds to fall in love with this blue color.” —Samantha Feher, editorial assistant and assistant to the EIC

💫PROMOTION: Take 20 percent off your purchase with the code KLARNAHAULIDAY.


This Skincare Set

Pixi Best of Rose Kit

“I can’t wait to get my skin back under control after a super-weird summer, so being able to slather on some of the best that Pixi has to offer—a cream cleanser, a toner, and a facial balm—all in one kit, is legit going to bring my skin back to life.”Jillian Sellers, photo producer and editor

💫PROMOTION: Get 20% off the Best of Pixi Kit with the code KLARNAHAULIDAY.


This Cozy Blanket

Sunday Citizen Snug Bed Blanket

“I’m planning on buying the Sunday Citizen Snug Bed Blanket. I LOVE a cozy blanket and have been looking for the perfect one to lay at the foot of my bed. I’m anticipating lotsssss of time spent on my couch, wrapped up in my new blanket and being way too comfortable to be bothered with anything.” —Mariah Schlossmann, editorial business assistant

💫PROMOTION: Save 20 percent with the code KLARNAHAULIDAY.


These Colorful Sneakers

Reebok Aztrek Shoes

“I’ve had my eye on these Reebok Aztrek shoes for SO LONG, and I can’t wait to finally cop a pair. Not only am I obsessed with their retro vibe, they’re perfect for my daily WFH walk and my IG feed.”Nia Chavez, Snapchat motion designer

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This Face Mask

Diarrablu Sokhna Face Mask

“I’m stocking up on masks from the sustainability-focused brand Diarrablu. They’re made from recycled fabrics from their past collections and are, of course, reusable. Not to mention the prints are gorgeous and will be the star of all my future outfits.” —Katie Buckleitner, associate digital art director

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