15 Best Headband Hairstyles and Easy Hair Ideas to Copy for 2020

Mmmkay, so if the last time you wore a headband was sometime between your Nick Jr. days and your JoBro-loving days (the first time around, TYVM), then you’ve been seriously missing the hell out on an insanely pretty hairstyle trend. Because not only have headbands drastically changed since your elementary school days (no painful plastic teeth or combs here), but they’re also officially, like, um, ~very cool~ for 2020. Whether you’re working with curly hair, a pixie cut, twists, or braids, I rounded up the 15 easiest headband hairstyles literally anyone can pull off, along with the best headbands to style them with. Just trust me when I say you’ll be screenshotting every single one of these looks. Sry not sry.


This Encrusted Headband and Loose Curls


Rowan Blanchard’s Ribbon Headband Look

K, so I’d like to have Rowan Blanchard’s perfectly cropped pixie cut right TF now, but even if you don’t have short hair, you can still copy the look by tying a velvet ribbon around your head a few inches back from your hairline. Or, even easier, just get yourself a ribbon headband.

COPY THE LOOK: VeryShine Texas Velvet Bow Headband


This Wavy Bridal Headband Hairstyle

Ugh, doesn’t this whole vibe scream ethereal goddess? Love, love, love. Recreate the waves by blowing out your hair with a volumizing mousse (yes, mousse), curling all around with a two-inch curling iron, then raking through the cooled curls with your fingers to create waves. Finish by slipping on a wire headband (or, really, any headband).



These Twisted Curls and Padded Headband

Pro tip: Contrast the texture of your curly or wavy hair with a sleek padded headband. Place it in the middle of your head, then lightly twist both sides of your hair back, pinning in place at the nape of your neck and letting the ends hang freely.

COPY THE LOOK: Lelet NY Leather Headband or Kitsch Padded Velvet Headband


Gabrielle Union’s Pearl Headband and Braids


Ashley Graham’s Sleek Headband Hairstyle

The beauty of this hairstyle? It looks clean and polished, but it can easily be done on greasy, oily, day-100th hair. Just middle-part your hair, then work a dollop of pomade (for straight, wavy, and curly hair) or strong-hold gel (for coily hair), combing it through from your roots to your mid-lengths. Twist and pin your hair into a bun, smooth flyaways with hairspray, then slide on a padded headband.

COPY THE LOOK: Anthropologie Llani Sunburst Headband or Petit Moments Gala Headband


These Twist-Out Headband Hairstyles


This Ponytail Headband Hairstyle

Okay, so I know the majority of your childhood was probably spent in a ponytail and a headband (tbt to stretch headbands and your sweaty soccer/dance/playground life). But to make it feel grown up, you’re going to swap in an ornate headband for the ~fancy~ vibes, then tone it down with a soft high ponytail, leaving your layers loose and free-flowing.

COPY THE LOOK: Lelet NY Diamond in the Rough Headband and Mega Drop Color Headband


This Braided Headband Hairstyle

K, so this hairstyle looks hella complicated, but I promise it’s not. Just slide in a headband (position it closer to the crown of your head than the front of your head), gather all of your hair at the nape of your neck and braid it to the ends. Then coil and pin the braid around itself along the back of your head. The longer the hair, the bigger the coil (as seen here).

COPY THE LOOK: Deepa Gurnani Kirstin Crystal Metal Headband


This Scarf Headband and Senegalese Twists

Mmmkay, so you can most definitely just fold, wrap, and tie a scarf around your twists or braids, but if you can’t deal with the annoyance of it slipping or loosening all freakin’ day, try sliding on a knotted scarf headband close to your hairline, leaving out a few twists to frame your face.

COPY THE LOOK: Grace Eleyae Hard Knot Headband


This Protective Headband Hairstyle

This protective style is not only legit pretty, but surprisingly easy (really! Truly! Promise!). After creating a side part, roll and twist both sides of your hair from the hairline down to the nape of your neck. Continue rolling the largest section up to your other ear, pinning in place, then roll and twist the smaller section on top, tucking the ends underneath the larger roll. Slip on a bejeweled headband, and boom—super cute and super easy.

COPY THE LOOK: Anthropologie Boudicca Headband or Numblartd Handmade Crystal Headband


This Stretch Headband and Bun Hairstyle

Honesty time: As much as I’m obsessed with the headband trends, I actually lowkey hate wearing most headbands. I’m sorry! They hurt! I’m a peach! But I will gladly sleep in a silky stretch headband any freakin’ day, and this messy low bun hairstyle is the easiest way to style one. Pro tip: To make the loose layers around your face feel purposeful, not haphazard, twirl them around a curling wand for legit one second to create soft bends.

COPY THE LOOK: Slip Black + White Leopard Knot Headband


This Low Ponytail and Headband Hairstyle

Kinda crazy how slipping on a padded, decked-out headband immediately turns a low, messy ponytail into a ~lewk~. The how-to for this is simple: Blast your hair with texturizing spray (if you have finer, limper hair), slide on a headband (the fancier the better), then tie off your hair into an ultra-low ponytail.

COPY THE LOOK: Popink Black Padded Fashion Headband


This 4C Headband Hairstyle

Yeah, you don’t actually need long hair, or braids, or twists, or a ponytail to wear a headband (shock! Wow! Surprise! Duh!). Seeing as none of these headband hairstyles are actually using headbands for their intended purpose—i.e., to push the hair out of your face—you can slip one (or two) over your 4c hair after misting with a hair oil and lightly pulling out the front for volume.

COPY THE LOOK: Lulu’s Head Out Beige Ruched Headband and Kaidina Bridal Fashion Headband


This Ultra-Accessorized Headband Style

Wanna just go all TF out? Highly recommend copying this style, which pairs a low ponytail with gilded accessories. If birds aren’t your thing, try adding a few colorful bobby pins or barrettes along the sides of your ponytail to play up your headband.

COPY THE LOOK: Kitsch Micro Stackable Snap Clips and Epona Valley Narrow Spun Gold Crown

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