15 Best Lubes and KY Jelly Alternatives

Lube may or may not be the single most important thing to have in your bedside drawer (condoms, vibrators, and massage oils come in close second). And unfort, 68 percent of you admit to “rarely or never” using lube, which is. a. travesty!

I’m sure the reasoning has something to do with its bad rep—dubbed as something that is “just for old ladies” or for people who “can’t get horny”—but whatever you think you know about lube seriously needs to end right now. The liquid-y goodness enhances literally every feeling, sensation, and ups your orgasm odds during your masturbation sessions and partner sex—plus, flavor lubes can be used to make oral sex more enjoyable.

Sure, you may argue you might not “need” lube, and that’s fair. But do you need bacon on a cheeseburger? No… but, like, yes.

Here’s the thing, though: Not all lubes are created equal. There are water-based lubes, which like the name suggests, contain water—and are best for any kind of sex really (just maybs not in the shower because the water will inadvertently wash it away).

There are silicone-based lubes, which are super slippery and last a lonnnnng time (great for anal!), but shouldn’t be used with silicone sex-toys because silicone + silicone = a broken plaything.

And then there’s things like coconut oil, which can also be used during sex sans condoms (The other non-sex related benefits? An epic hair mask, cooking oil, and a grade-A moisturizer for your skin).

So pick what’s best for you and explore these TK lube options. Trust, there’s something in here that fits perfectly snug in your bedside drawer.

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