18 Best Adult Onesies for Women

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What do you get when you cross a comfy sweatsuit set with cozy pajamas? A *glorious* onesie. You might know them as the go-to sleepwear for babies, but if you have yet to try a onesie in your adult life, hear me loud and clear when I say you are missing out!!

Whether you’re working from home, starting a movie marathon, planning a family photo, or shopping for a costume party, don’t sleep on these sleep suits and onesies. Not only do they make picking out an outfit super simple (it’s a one-piece, after all), but they’ll also get you tons of compliments, guaranteed. Fair warning, though: If you thought going to the bathroom in a regular jumpsuit was hard, you’ve never had to pee in the middle of the night with one of these babies on.

Now, get scrolling and start shopping the 18 best adult onesies on le Internet.

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This Tie-Dye Onesie

Adult Onesie Pajamas Jumpsuit



tie-dye onesie this good deserves to be worn outside of your apartment or at the very least, posted on the ‘gram. 


This Velour Onesie

Peach Color Summer Velours Onesie

Sofa Killer


This velour onesie has early ’00s Juicy tracksuit written all over it—without literally writing “Juicy” across the butt. Think of it as the cooler, more modern version.


This Llama Onesie

Cream & Pink Llama Fleece Sleep Onesie

As if the sweet little llama face on the hood wasn’t cute enough, this onesie also features a gold bow on the ear and a tail in the back.


This Alpaca Onesie

Going Alpaca to Sleep Onesie



This fleece hoodless onesie is perfect for actually sleeping in. Bonus: you can count the sheep alpacas on it to help yourself doze off.


This Bear Onesie

Bear Hooded Pajama Jumpsuit



Forget teddy coats and jackets! It’s all about the teddy-bear onesie, and this one features a cute little face on the hood.


This Unicorn Onesie

Pink Unicorn Print Onesie



Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but your onesie can be. This lightweight sleep suit will make you feel like the magical unicorn you are.


This Onesie Romper

Bearable Babe Romper Costume

If just looking at a full-body onesie makes you sweat, try a short romper version for the same (but much cooler) effect.


This Striped Onesie

Striped Onesie

This one mixes the neckline and cinched waist of a wrap dress with the comfort of a hoodie and leggings. What more could you want?!


This Polka Dot Onesie

Black Polka Dot Onesie



For those that  love polka dot prints, soft comfy fabrics, hoodies, and pockets, this number hits the spot.


This Bunny Onesie

Jumpsuit Bunny Adult

Normal onesies are too shapeless for your liking? Choose one with a drawstring to cinch your waist.


This Snake-Print Onesie

Venomous Slim Jumpsuit Purple



A onesie doesn’t have to have ears and a tail to be animal-themed. This one features a fun snakeskin print instead.


This Slim-Fit Onesie

Dreamer Ribbed Sleep Jumpsuit

Skarlett Blue


If you want a onesie that’s less frumpy sweatsuit and more tight bodysuit, go with a slim-fit option that you can also layer under warmer clothes in the winter.


This White Onesie


Footed Pajamas


If you’re the crafty type or you’ve just got a lot of time on your hands rn, get an all-white onesie and a dye kit to create your own print.


This Onesie With Patches

Adult Onesie with Patches Pajamas Jumpsuit



Customize your onesie with a few iron-on patches, or grab a pre-made one like this if you’re too lazy.


These Footy Pajamas

Footed Adult Onesie – Lavender

Forever Lazy and Uni-Lazy


Footy pajamas aren’t just for kids! If your toes are always cold, this footed onesie eliminates the need for house slippers and cozy socks.


This Zebra-Print Onesie

Zebra Print One Piece Romper With Ears



Rainbow shades not your thing? You can still get in on an animal vibe with a black-and-white zebra-stripe print instead.


This Onesie With a Back Flap

Love Me Long Johns Jumpsuit

The back flap with snap closures on this one will make trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night a wee bit easier.


This Beige One

Tan Fleece Sloth Sleep Onesie

Sloths are the cutest and you will be too in this zip-up onesie.

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