18 Cute Mask Outfit Ideas

      I can’t believe we are living in a time when I’m actually thinking about cute mask outfit ideas. There are more important things to worry about right now (Black Lives Matter, for one), but, tbh, planning looks is one of my favorite ways to take a mental break from the news cycle. Plus, the world is slowly starting to open back up again and since we’re all following the CDC recommendations of wearing a mask (right guys?!?!?!?!) every time we leave the house, it doesn’t hurt to get creative and plan an Instagram-worthy ensemble.

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      Whether you’re getting dressed up for grocery store runs (those aisles have become my new runway) or just wanna look hella cute during your next visit to the park, there are 18 chic ladies below prove that it’s possible to serve while wearing a mask.

      Keep on scrolling for all of the fashion mask inspiration you’ve been waiting for, but first—let’s shop for some cute masks, eh?

      1. This ruffle mask and sheer blouse

              mask outfit ideas


              You can’t go wrong with a plain-black mask. When you wanna let your inner fashionsita shine, go for one that has tiny flowers and is trimmed in ruffles. It’ll pair well with anything like this see-through top and denim ensemble.

              2. This tie-dye mask with a statement bag

              mask outfit ideas


              Trend lovers, this is your moment. Grab your designer It bag, chunky sneaks, and tie-dye masks to create a winning outfit combo.

              3. This black mask and leather shorts

              mask outfit ideas

              Jeremy MoellerGetty Images

              Yes, leather works in the summer too. And it makes your go-to black outfits look that much cooler.

              4. This disposable mask with tube socks

              street style in madrid

              Miguel PereiraGetty Images

              Don’t hate on the disposable masks. If it’s keeping you and everyone else safe, it’s chic. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to wear it with summer’s most unexpected trend: Nike tube socks.

              5. This black mask with green sunglasses

              mask outfit ideas

              VCGGetty Images

              You have to give your pretty dresses some love before the summer ends. And you’ll get bonus points if you match your shades.

              6. This speckled mask and mixed-print look

              mask outfit ideas


              Go ahead and purchase a fun mask, like this black-and-white one. It’ll look good with anything, from paisley to Ankara prints.

              7. This simple mask with a graphic tee

              mask outfit ideas

              Juan Naharro GimenezGetty Images

              You can always count on a graphic T-shirt to make things look cool. While you’re at it, you might as well pull out the wide-leg jeans. I know they miss you.

              8. This floral mask and matching set

              mask outfit ideas


              Matching sets make life easy, and it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty floral mask on deck too.

              9. This shiny mask with tons of accessories

              mask outfit ideas

              StreetstyleographGetty Images

              Zoom in and you’ll see some sparkles on this black mask. Don’t stop there. Take notes and pile on the accessories, like a padded headband, round sunglass, a jumbo tote.

              10. This black mask and beanie look

              mask outfit ideas

              VCGGetty Images

              Nope, beanies aren’t just for the winter. They look supah cute with masks, distressed shorts, a drawstring tank, and fun crossbody.

              11. This lip-print mask and dress

              mask outfit ideas


              Tired of people not seeing your lipstick? Put on a mask with a pout, a coordinating dress, and pom-pom sandals.

              12. This polka-dot mask and white outfit

              mask outfit ideas


              Elevate your summer whites with a polka-dot mask. And when you’re really feeling funky fresh, pair your velcro sandals with socks.

              13. This mask and flip-flop ensemble

              mask outfit ideas

              StreetstyleographGetty Images

              Your cardis are going to look great next to your mask and so will a pair of easy-going flip-flops.

              14. This mask and suit

              mask outfit ideas

              VCGGetty Images

              A pastel suit looks just as cute with a mask and a casual tee underneath the blazer.

              15. This clear mask and floral look

              mask outfit ideas

              StreetstyleographGetty Images

              The world needs to see that pretty face, so you could also go with a see-through shield and your best summer florals

              16. This mask and sweatpants combo

              cecilia boey sightings in shanghai

              VCGGetty Images

              Never not wearing your sweats? I feel ya. Just throw ’em on with a blazer and grab an elegant bag to make them look fancy.

              17. This mask and short suit

              mask outfit ideas


              Matching co-ords will keep you and your mask looking lovely—and they always look good with comfy sneakers.

              18. This leopard mask and athleisure look

              mask outfit ideas


              The next time you throw on your fave leggings outfit, use a leopard scarf to cover your nose and mask for instant cool-girl vibes.

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