19 Best Gemini Tattoo Ideas and Designs for 2020

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Oh, Gemini: You, unfortunately, have kiiinda a bad rep. Not as bad as a Scorpio, but you’re up there. People think you’re two-faced (because you’re ruled by the twins), immature, cold, erratic, moody, and gossip-y. But I know this isn’t true! I get you—you’re smart, curious, witty, and a little bit chatty. So what if you spread a rumor here and there? TBH, who doesn’t love to talk shit? That’s what makes me the perfect person to help you figure out what tattoos you should definitely go for, in case you’re in the market. I scrolled through Insta to find the 19 best Gemini tattoos out there, ahead. You’re legit going to be obsessed, I promise.

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This Butterfly Gemini Tattoo

Geminis are friends with everyone and love to gossip with anyone who will listen, so a tattoo that says, “Hi, I’m a social butterfly” is very on brand.


This World Map Gemini Tattoo

Fact: Geminis love a good trip. Show off your love of traveling by getting the world map tattooed on your ankle.


This Smiley Face Ankle Tattoo

As you probably already know, the symbol of the Gemini is the twins. This double smiley face tattoo reflects your inner duality. Oh, and it’s really, really cute.


This Wine Glass Gemini Tattoo

Not all tattoos need to be serious—get this tattoo to show off your love of a good wine + gossip session.


This Abstract Gemini Tattoo

If your style leans toward the abstract, you’ll love this geometric Gemini double-face tattoo.


This Mountain Gemini Tattoo

Traveling is one of a Geminis favorite things to do—if you’re more of a mountain person than a beach, this beautifully shaded tattoo might be for you.


This Moon and Constellation Gemini Tattoo

I’m super into this tattoo pairing of the moon and Aries constellation—it’s unique and super pretty.


This Script Gemini Tattoo

Geminis are constantly go go go—this tattoo is a nice reminder to take a breather.


This Airplane Gemini Tattoo

This bb Gemini airplane tattoo is a unique and colorful way to show off your love of travel.


This Text Gemini Tattoo

I mean, what better way to rep your zodiac sign than legit getting the name tattooed on your arm?


This Floral and Constellation Gemini Tattoo

I know, floral tattoos can be played out, but this one that’s paired with a Gemini constellation is too pretty to pass up.


This Ankle Gemini Tattoo

This Gemini ankle tattoo is in an easy-to-cover spot while also being way, way pretty.


This Neck Gemini Tattoo

Show off this delicate Gemini constellation neck tattoo by throwing your hair in a messy top knot or a high ponytail.


This Devil and Angel Gemini Tattoo

This cheeky devil and angel Gemini tattoo shows off both sides of your personality.


This Behind-the-Ear Gemini Tattoo

This behind-the-ear Gemini tattoo is perf if you have strict parents and need to keep it hidden.


This Wrist Gemini Tattoo

A constellation tattoo doesn’t have to totally dominate your arm if you don’t want it to. This delicate Gemini tattoo on the wrist is proof that simple just works.


This Fine-Line Gemini Tattoo

Opt for this super-detailed fine-line Gemini constellation tattoo—it’s just the right amount of delicate.


This Mercury Gemini Tattoo

If you want something that screams Gemini, but isn’t a constellation, may I suggest this Mercury tattoo? It’s Gemini’s ruling planet, which makes it a perf choice.


This Back Gemini Tattoo

Rather than getting a line connecting the points in your Gemini constellation, just opt for the stars. It’s a really cute choice for a back tattoo.

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