20 Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Ideas and Inspo of 2020

cancer zodiac tattoo


If I had to take a guess, Cancer, I’d say you’re probably thriving right now. I mean, this stay-at-home life isn’t that much different than your pre-Covid life. You’re into pampering yourself, dropping bath bombs into a bubbly pool of water, and leaving everyone on read for days (this is especially true when you get into one of your moods). Even though not much of your routine will change once states start opening back up, you may want to consider a tattoo. I know—you’re probably wondering how you’ll find a Cancer zodiac tattoo that you won’t hate immediately after getting it permanently tattooed onto your body.

Don’t worry, I scrolled through Insta to find the 20 best Cancer zodiac tattoos out there. None of them are tacky, pinky promise.

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This Half Moon Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

Some might say that Cancer’s are moody and emotional, but you can’t help it! After all, you are ruled by the moon and affected by all of its phases. Show some love for your ruling “planet” with this cute half moon Cancer zodiac tattoo.


This Minimalist Wave Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

As a water sign, you’re always drawn to the sea. This wave Cancer zodiac tattoo is a subtle way to let people know that you’re an ocean lover.


This Love Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

You’re a romantic, everyone knows that. Which makes this Cancer zodiac tattoo—the word ‘love’ in this classy-AF script—a super on-brand choice for you.


This Crab Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

I know at first it might seem weird to get a crab tattooed onto your body (I mean, they’re not cuddly or anything, like a dog), but, like, how cute is this little one?! A crab is your symbol, making it a go-to for a Cancer zodiac tattoo.


This Colorful Wave Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

If you’re down to get a wave Cancer zodiac tattoo, but you want something a little more bold, you’ll love this colorful option. The level of detail—from the bb dolphin to the texture of the wave—is unreal.


This Heart Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

Not only do these two heart tattoos complement each other perfectly, but the design is simple yet eye-catching. Truly a fire option for your Cancer zodiac tattoo.


This Moon Phases Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

This Cancer zodiac tattoo is dedicated to all of the phases of the moon—it’s unique without being super over-the-top.


This Anatomical Heart Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

Not into your run-of-the-mill basic heart tattoo? Get the anatomical version for your Cancer zodiac tattoo—doesn’t it look so dope?


This Rose Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

Not only is this delicate rose tattoo sweet, but the placement on your finger is also great if you don’t want to show off your Cancer zodiac tattoo 24/7.


This Venus Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

As a lover of both art and water, this Botticelli-inspired mermaid piece is worth the precious real estate on your body. TBH, if I was a Cancer, this would be my pick for a tattoo.


This Self-Love Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

This self-love tattoo is a little abstract, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting it. There’s a good message behind it, and it’s so aesthetically pleasing.


This Shell Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

If you’re not down to get a wave tattoo, but still want a Cancer zodiac tattoo that says “I love the ocean,” you should opt for this adorable bb shell tattoo.


This Ankle Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

This Cancer zodiac tattoo is in an easy-to-hide spot on your ankle while also being really, really pretty.


This Constellation and Ruby Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

Combine your birthstone (a ruby) with a fine-line version of your constellation to recreate this stunning Cancer zodiac tattoo.


This Tarot Card Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

What better way to rep your Cancer zodiac sign than legit getting the name tattooed on the back of your arm? And, the fact that it’s in the form of a tarot card adds another cool element to the tattoo.


This Full Moon Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

Get a Cancer zodiac tattoo that depicts both the dark side of the moon, along with the light side. It’s kind of like showing the world both sides of your personality, no?


This Crab and Constellation Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

Play with shapes a bit and go for this crab and constellation design to complete your Cancer zodiac tattoo. Talk about arm candy.


This Constellation Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

This delicate Cancer zodiac tattoo is proof that a constellation design doesn’t have to totally dominate your arm if you don’t want it to.


This Watercolor Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

This watercolor Cancer zodiac tattoo is insanely gorgeous and totally worth having on your body forever.


This Moon Child Cancer Zodiac Tattoo

This super-realistic moon child design is absolutely gorge and the right choice for your Cancer zodiac tattoo if you want something that will stop literally everyone in their tracks.

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