20 Best Travel Makeup Bags and Cosmetic Case Organizers of 2020

best travel makeup bags

Katie Buckleitner

Mmmkay, so travel in 2020 doesn’t exactly look like what we had imagined (I, personally, have watched three trips—and flights—come and go this year already, el oh el). But even though we may not be going on all of our planned vacations or work trips right now, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the time when you can, in fact, take that cross-country drive or spend the weekend at your friend’s house. And when that time comes, I’ve gotchu covered with the best travel makeup bags that’ll keep your beauty products organized, regardless of the trip you’re planning to take. Whether you need a zippered pouch that you can stuff into your purse, or a professional-grade, mirrored, multi-pocketed case that can safely house all of your makeup like a vault, I’ve rounded up the absolute best bags at every price point, below.

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Best Travel Makeup Bag With Pouches

Fenty Beauty Carry-All Make Up Organizer

No, Fenty’s makeup brushes don’t come with this travel makeup bag (womp), but check out how you can slot your own brushes through the criss-cross elastics to keep them in place. Everything in this bag is removable, including the two mesh bags and the snap-on pouch. And 100 percent of proceeds from this bag will go to the Clara Lionel Foundation—a nonprofit started by Rihanna to support emergency response programs around the world.


Best Hard Shell Cosmetics Case

Caboodles Beige Lifestyle Train Case

YUP, CABOODLES! But this ain’t the Caboodles of your childhood (though those O.G. cases still exist). Nope, this travel makeup bag is not only hard-shelled with a full lid mirror, but it also has a top tray that slides out, so you can keep bobby pins, earrings, or hair ties on top, and your bigger makeup products underneath.


Best Drawstring Makeup Bag

Euow Travel Cosmetic Bags Barrel Makeup Bag

I love a good travel makeup bag, but sometimes they’re hard to stuff into my packed suitcase or a backpack. Enter: this collapsible padded makeup bag, which is lined with elastic pockets to keep all your makeup products in place and standing upright. When you’re ready to pack, just roll up the top, pull the drawstring tight, and boom—you’ve got yourself a squishy little bundle. 


Best Travel Organizer for Makeup Brushes

Camdeez Rownyeon Professional Makeup Brushes Organizer

Fact: I actually own this standing makeup brush organizer, and it’s truly my favorite thing for trips. My brushes used to just roll around in my travel makeup bag (blegh, gross), making it hard for me to find the exact brush I needed while doing my makeup. But this zippered, leather-like pouch keeps them lined up and fully visible without feeling bulky in my tote.


Best Makeup Train Case

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

This soft (yet structured) travel train case is as close to professional-grade as you can get for the price. The zippered bag has adjustable, removable dividers (so you can fit legit anything you want in the slots), a zippered side pocket, four elastic pouches for your brushes (or mascaras or lipsticks, etc.), and a flap that flips over and velcros everything snugly in place.


Best Travel Makeup Bag at Target

Sonia Kashuk Professional Double Zip Train Case

This travel train case has two zippered compartments—the top being for thinner products, like makeup brushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lip liners, etc. (with another zippered pouch in the lid), and the bottom compartment for literally anything else you want to fit in it. And, because it’s soft, it can be squished around without taking up too much space.


Best Clear Travel Makeup Bag

Shany The Game Changer Travel Bag

This clear travel cosmetics bag has two straps—a hand strap and adjustable over-the-shoulder strap—and is basically a requirement for anyone who over-fills their makeup bag to the point where they can’t find anything (why is it always the lip balm?!). The see-through bag has four zip pockets on the outside to help you organize your smaller products, along with a big inner space for your bulkier products.


Best Hanging Travel Makeup Bag

Tuowan Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

This hanging cosmetics bag is surprisingly spacious and honestly just excellent for organizing. The sides unzip and open up to elastic pockets and holders for your toothbrush, foundations, face oil, whatever, while the middle unzips and unfolds (with a hook) to reveal three zippered mesh pockets and a super-roomy inner compartment. Just trust me: This is an excellent travel bag.


Best Single-Zip Travel Makeup Bag

Juvia’s Place Shade Sticks Makeup Bag

Though this single-zip makeup bag was technically designed to fit Juvia’s best-selling shade stick concealers (30 shades! Super creamy! Not chalky! What!), it can obviously be used to house any of your products. And, since its shape is soft and compact, it can easily squish in your tote, purse, backpack, or luggage. 


Best Travel Makeup Case With Mirror

Bagsmart Makeup Bag Cosmetic Bag

Hokay, I don’t know if I just have bad luck, but almost every mirrored makeup bag I’ve owned has eventually cracked. Which is why I like this case—the mirror is petite (large enough for quick touch ups, but not big enough that it’ll shatter). It also has removable velcro dividers, slots for your makeup brushes, elastic holders for your tweezers and nail clippers, and a spill-friendly, wipeable interior.


Best Travel Makeup Bag Purse

Caboodles Femme Fatale Total Tote

Imagine a world in which you don’t just throw all of your hair and makeup products in a tote bag to haul to your friend’s house to pre-game. Imagine a world in which your products don’t explode all over your hairbrush and instead get nicely nestled within detachable pouches and zippered pockets inside a sturdy purse. Yeah, welp, that world is reality, and your Saturday nights officially need this makeup purse.


Best Large Travel Makeup Bag

Beis The Dopp Kit in Beige

Don’t be fooled by the photo—this makeup bag is actually surprisingly large. The bottom unzips and opens to a flat pocket for your eyeshadow palettes, contour kits, and skincare products, while the top unzips and stretches out like a bucket bag, allowing you to stuff it with a full bottle of dry shampoo, a zillion concealers, etc.


Best Travel Makeup Bag for Breakables

Hoyofo Mirror Double Layer Makeup Case

This hard-shell makeup case is a must if the majority of your beauty products are breakable or fragile (ahem, those fragrances and fancy moisturizers). The zippered top houses a tiny mirror and three elastic holders, while the base unzips to safely store anything you don’t want to risk getting smashed or broken. 


Best Small Hanging Travel Makeup Bag

Boacay Premium Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

If you don’t exactly need a zillion-pocket toiletry bag taking up room in your suitcase, try this smaller hanging makeup bag, which has dual pockets and zippered compartments on the side, while the internal zipper houses two pockets and a deep compartment that’ll comfortably fit all of your makeup products.


Best Travel Makeup Bag on Amazon

Teamoy Travel Makeup Brushes Case

Yes, there are a trillion makeup bags on Amazon, and “best” is subjective, but if you’re looking for a simple zippered case that stores your products and keeps your brushes safe and nestled, I highly recommend this $19 case (which comes in six colors, including black and ~flamingo~ print). 


Best Vera Bradley Travel Makeup Bag

Vera Bradley Performance Twill Medium Makeup Bag

I feel like every single person at some point has owned or inherited a Vera Bradley makeup bag, and for good reason: They’re soft, quilted, and simple—just a front-zip pouch for eyeshadow brushes, eyeliners, and a larger interior compartment for…literally anything else.


Best Travel Makeup Pouch

Love Yubi Perfect Pouch

This little bubble pouch is made of vegan leather with cracked holographic accents (nope, that’s not glitter, so don’t worry about getting flecks all over your stuff for the rest of eternity). It’s roomy enough for a few full-sized products, but compact enough to flatten down in your purse or tote.


Best Small Travel Makeup Case

Baginbag Waterproof Travel Makeup Case

Listen, I love a good zippered makeup bag, but some of them are just so large and bulky, I’d almost rather just throw my stuff in a bunch of plastic bags. But this double-zip train case is on the smaller (and more compact!) side, so you can store a few makeup brushes in the top compartment and pile the rest of your products underneath without taking up too much room.


Best Leak-Proof Travel Makeup Bag

Caraa Nimbus Small Cosmetic Bag

On the outside? Pure chromatic goodness. On the inside? A plastic-lined pouch that can withstand all of your (accidentally) leaky foundations, melted lipsticks, and cracked eyeshadows. Just wipe and rinse it out, then let it dry—no more stained, dirty makeup bags for you.


Best Lay Flat Travel Makeup Pouch

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag in Seafoam


Okay, if you’re an organizing lover, this probably isn’t the makeup bag for you. But if you’re someone who’s always running late, or always angrily digging through your makeup bag looking for that one eyeliner that keeps going missing, I highly recommend this drawstring makeup pouch. It flattens out so you can see all of your products at once (and also comes with a zippered pocket and elastic slots), and then easily draws back up like a little makeup bundle.

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