23 Best Fall Nail Polish Color and Ideas for Your 2020 Manicures

For me, the start of the fall season means chunky sweaters, cute booties, cozy flannels, and a whole new set of nail polish shades. Hey, I’ll take any excuse to buy new, pretty nail colors, you know? And to get you in the fall spirit, I’ve rounded up the 23 trendiest fall nail colors that are about to be every-freaking-where in a few weeks (like, watch out, Instagram). From metallic blues and purples to creamy nude polishes, these shades look genuinely gorgeous on everyone, no matter how you choose to wear them.

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This Bordeaux Fall Nail Color

1. Maxus Nails Nail Polish in Admired

      Brb, trading in my Whispering Angel for a cozy glass of red wine and this bordeaux-colored fall nail polish. All you need are two quick coats to get a glossy, ultra-opaque finish that literally looks just like professional gels.

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      Pear Nova in Thick Dip & What Not

      This Shimmery Navy Blue Fall Nail Color

      2. Pear Nova Nail Lacquer in Thick Dip & What Not

      This shimmery shade feels more like navy blue than cobalt blue or royal blue, which gives it a more sophisticated, grown-up vibe for the fall season. I’m all about wearing it with a navy blazer or blouse for a pretty work look.

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      Sundays Nontoxic Nail Polish No.23

      This Deep-Pink Fall Nail Color

      3. Sundays Nontoxic Nail Polish in No. 23

      I love to wear this deep-pink fall nail color on my fingers and toes as a transitional shade between the seasons. It feels cheery enough to wear while the weather is still warm, but not too bright or summery for the impending fall season.

      CND Vinylux in Denim Patch

      This Denim-Blue Fall Nail Color

      4. CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Denim Patch

      Fact: This denim-inspired nail polish is just as important to your fall look as a new pair of jeans. Paint on the gray-blue shade and wear it with your favorite pair of Levi’s (shout out to my fave vintage wedgie cut) for an extra-chill, head-to-toe denim vibe.

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      Cote No. 60 Sea Foam Green

      This Pale Sea-Foam-Green Fall Nail Color

      5. Cote Nail Polish in No. 60 Sea Foam Green

              Not only is this pale sea-foam-green nail polish color on trend for fall, but it’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without sketchy ingredients and potential toxins (like formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene) that are typically used in conventional nail polishes.

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              This Almost-Black Fall Nail Color

              6. Essie Nail Polish in Wicked

              For me, cooler weather and longer nights mean one thing: It’s time to bust out Essie Wicked, my favorite almost-black nail polish color for fall. It’s the deepest, darkest, inkiest red nail polish shade that legit looks good on everyone.

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              Sally Hansen in Coral Commotion

              This Burnt-Coral Fall Nail Color

              7. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Burnt Coral

              I used to think that coral nail polish only looked cute on fingers and toes during the summer months…and then I discovered this shimmery coral shade from Sally Hansen. Umm, you guys, it’s actually perfect for fall. It has hints of red and orange (and not as much pink) that are giving me alllll the warm and spicy PSL vibes.

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              Smith & Cult in Stockholm Syndrome

              This Dark-Gray Nail Polish

                  8. Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Stockholm Syndrome

                  If you can’t commit to the intensity of black nail polish or like the starkness of white nail polish, then this creamy dark-gray shade from Smith and Cult is for you. Two coats give your nails a moody vibe that’ll perfectly complement all your leather-jacket lewks.

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                  OPI in You Have Got That Glas-Glow

                  This Smoky Lilac Fall Nail Color

                  9. OPI Nail Lacquer in You’ve Got That Glas-glow

                  This smoky lilac nail color is going to be everywhere this fall. It’s part of the OPI Scotland collection (hence the shade name Glas-glow) and looks super flattering on fair, medium, and dark skin tones.

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                  This Silver Fall Nail Color

                      10. Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish in Wow

                      ICYMI, metallic manicures are having a moment, and I’m personally obsessed with this silver shade from Deborah Lippmann. It’s the perfect fall nail color if you want to make a statement with your mani, but you’re not super skilled at nail art or coating your nails in glitter.

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                      Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Blushed Petal

                          This Blush-Colored Fall Nail Color

                          11. Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Blushed Petal

                          Blush is a super-trendy nail color for fall, but annoyingly, it can make certain skin tones look blotchy or ruddy. Go with a pinky-neutral shade that has a mix of both warm and cool undertones (like Sally Hansen’s)—it is more flattering and will look seriously amazing on all skin tones.

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                          La Pierre Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Distractions



                          This Bright Orange Fall Nail Color

                          12. La Pierre Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Distractions

                          PSA: Cooler, crisper fall weather doesn’t mean you need to retire your bright nail polish for good. Add this eye-catching orange shade into your mani-pedi rotation—it feels totally fresh, unexpected, and pretty for fall.

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                          This Forest-Green Fall Nail Color

                          13. Essie Nail Polish in Off Tropic

                          Green is one of the trendiest colors for fall, but I get that wearing green nail polish can feel intimidating. Just go with an inky forest-green hue (like this best-selling Essie color)—I swear it’ll feel like you’re wearing a dark neutral.

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                          JINsoon Nail Lacquer in Heirloom

                          This Turquoise Chrome Fall Nail Color

                          14. JINsoon Nail Polish in Heirloom

                          If you think that wearing a vibrant turquoise polish can feel too summery on your nails this time of year…you’d be right. But! If you can find one with a reflective, chrome finish like JINSoon’s Heirloom? The shade becomes totally cool and edgy for fall—trust me.

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                          Deborah Lippmann in Candy Shop

                          This Chunky Glitter Nail Polish

                          15. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Candy Shop

                          Layering on this thick, chunky pink glitter nail polish is the easiest way to get in on the fall nail art trend. Try one coat over your favorite neutral shade (it’s an easy way to hide chips or streaks) or two quick coats over bare nails.

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                          OPI in I Love You Just Be-Cusco

                          This Vampy Red Fall Nail Color

                          16. OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish in I Love You Just Be-Cusco

                          Vampy dark-red nail polishes are always at the top of the best fall nail colors list. Why, you ask? Well, they are insanely flattering, go perfectly with chunky knits and leather jackets, and look super sexy and edgy. If you’re in the market for a new dark-red shade, try this one from OPI.

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                          JINsoon Nail Polish in Sandbar

                          This Opaque Neutral Fall Nail Color

                          17. JINsoon Nail Polish in Sandbar

                          I feel like we can all agree that sheer neutrals are just kinda blah? So if you want to wear a neutral shade for fall but have your manicure really stand out too, paint on this sand-colored opaque nail polish from JINsoon. FYI: It looks best (aka streak-free and super shiny) if you layer on three ultra-thin coats.

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                          OPI in Teal The Cows Come Home

                          This Shimmery Teal Fall Nail Color

                          18. OPI Nail Lacquer in Teal the Cows Come Home

                          On the hunt for a pretty transitional fall nail polish color (aka one you can wear halfway through August and well into September)? Then you need to try OPI’s Teal the Cows Come Home—a smokey, shimmery teal. It is super versatile and can be worn in both warm and cool weather and with a bikini or chunky sweater.

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                          This Bright White Fall Nail Color

                          19. Essie Nail Polish in Blanc

                          Pls do yourself a favor and forget all those dumb old-school fashion rules. White after Labor Day is absolutely a yes. Paint on a few coats of this super-bright white nail polish and wear it with your favorite gold and silver rings for September, October, and the rest of the fall season.

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                          OPI in Berry Fairy Fun


                          This Metallic Purple Fall Nail Color

                          20. OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer in Berry Fairy Fun

                          If you’re not into glitter but you still want a little bit of shimmer in your fall mani game, get your hands on a bottle of this gemstone-inspired nail polish from OPI. It’s basically jewelry for your nails. Just like an amethyst ring or bracelet, the metallic purple shade is the prettiest accessory for fall.

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                          This Olive Green Fall Nail Color

                          21. Oribe Nail Polish in Green Envy

                          Moody nail polish colors (think: smokey grays, purples, and greens) are trending for fall. One shade I’m currently obsessed with (I promise you’ll be too): this dark-olive nail polish from Oribe. The mix of brown and green tones looks good on everyone—especially medium and dark skin tones.

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                          Morgan Taylor in Caught in a Dream

                          This Shimmery Holographic Fall Nail Color

                          22. Morgan Taylor Platinum Nail Lacquer in Caught in a Dream

                          IMO, there’s no such thing as too much shimmer, which is why this super-shiny holographic polish is actually perfect for all your fall festivities. Every time you move or wave your hands, your nails will catch the light and create a pretty, shimmery effect—just like highlighter for your nails.

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                          This Classic Red Fall Nail Color

                          23. Dior Vernis in Rouge 999

                          It doesn’t matter the time of year—you can never go wrong with a bright-red nail polish. It’s classic, sexy, and sophisticated all at once. And if you’re looking to invest in a new classic red nail color for fall, try the iconic Dior 999. It makes me feel instantly fancier every time I swipe it on.

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