25 Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas and Easy Looks for 2020

halloween eye makeup looks

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If covering your body in head-to-toe costume makeup is entirely too much effort for you and your laziness, go with a scaled-down version instead, like a Halloween eye makeup look. Perfect for the person who always puts off finding a costume idea and scrambles to throw together a last-minute Halloween makeup look (ahem, me), these ideas require minimal pre-planning and only use supplies you probably already own. Whether you consider yourself a beauty newbie or pretty much a pro, I’ve included inspo and ideas for every skill level, along with tutorials to help you actually do the look. So before you show up as a costume-less party pooper to your Halloween party, try one of these 25 makeup looks first. And, hey, if it turns out terribly, you can always just wash it off.


This Butterfly Winged Eyeliner

I call this Halloween look—wait for it—butterfl-eye makeup. Instead of doing a typical winged liner look, apply yellow and gold eyeshadow (or whatever shade you want your wings to be) to the outside corner of your eye. Then, use a black liquid eyeliner to outline and shape your wings over the eyeshadow.


This Upside-Down Halloween Eye

This look gives a whole new meaning to the term “makeup trick.” Start with your go-to eye makeup on one side, then, on the other, flip it all upside down. First, use a glue stick to lay your brow hairs flat, topped with setting powder and full-coverage foundation to hide your real brows. Then, apply the same eye look as before but underneath your bottom lashes—eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lashes, and all. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw a faux brow on your cheek to complete the look.


This Halloween Heart Eyeliner

This Halloween eye makeup look is simple but still effective. All you need is a marker eyeliner in the same color as your eyes and a steady hand. Start by figuring out where your irises naturally fall in relation to your eyelid. Then, place two small dots on your upper eyelid to mark where the arches of the heart should be and one small dot along your bottom lash line where the point should go. Carefully fill in the shape of your heart, skip the mascara so you don’t cover it up, and get ready to spook some people.


This Disney-Inspired Eye Makeup Look


This Halloween Spiderweb Eyeliner

This Halloween eye makeup looks expert-level, but the hardest part about it is finding a white eyeliner in your makeup bag. First, start with a smoky eye. Then, use your white liner to draw roughly 12 lines extending from the outer corner of your eye. Next, draw a couple lines perpendicular to the first set of lines to create the grid shape of your web. For the final step, use your black eyeliner to draw a tiny spider sitting in the web.


This Floral Eye Makeup Look


This Halloween Glitter Eye Makeup


This Gory Halloween Eye Makeup Look

Have a weak stomach? Keep scrolling. But if you love the scary Halloween costumes, try this eye makeup. Create the effect that your eyes are sealed shut with these faux stitches. Use adhesive to connect small threads of red string to your upper and lower lids and cover the spots with fake blood to make it really believable.


These Halloween Glitter Tears

This Halloween eye makeup look is so beautiful I could cry. These glitter tears are perfect for pun costume (so! many! options!), and it’s easier than you think to replicate. To get the look, apply a silver liquid eyeshadow over your eyelid. Use pearls to define the crease and glue teardrop rhinestones under your eyes to make the tears.


This Makeup Masquerade Mask

As long as you’ve got a lot of time (and even more patience), you can DIY this Halloween costume, no prob. Use a super fine-tip liquid liner to create the outline of your mask. Then, use the same liner to draw diagonal lines all in the same direction and equally spaced apart. Next, draw diagonal lines going the opposite direction to create a lace-like grid. At each intersection of the lines, glue a small rhinestone.


This Halloween Alien Eye Makeup

No one *really* knows what aliens look like, so feel free to take all the creative liberty you want with this one. If you like this neon purple version, start by outlining your shape with black pencil liner and filling it in with purple cream eyeshadow. Next, blend the black line slightly and use different shades of purple eyeshadow to create depth and dimension.


This Scarecrow Makeup Look

Sunflowers and scarecrows go together like, well, crows and scarecrows. Make your eye the center of the flower and use Halloween costume makeup to paint all the petals around your eye socket. Bonus points if you also add a few stitches across your lips with black eyeliner.


This Monster Makeup Look

If you fancy yourself an artist, now’s the time to show off your skillz. I’m no van Gogh, but as long as you’ve got a few green eyeliner pencils and reference photo, you can pull off a pretty convincing Mike Wazowski for your Halloween eye makeup.


This Devil Halloween Eye Makeup

If you’re new to this whole Halloween makeup thing, this one is a good, easy place to start. It might not seem like much, but for this eye makeup look, the devil is in the details. Start with a crisp red cut crease, then use red lip liner to draw little horns above your brow and the tail below your bottom lashes.


This Astrology-Inspired Makeup Look

If you live your life by your horoscope, really lean into your Zodiac sign for your Halloween costume this year. This one features a galaxy eye makeup look, complete with stars and star signs. Don’t have face paint? Don’t stress. Grab a purple eyeshadow palette and blend the shades together to create the look.


This Black Swan Winged Eye Look


These Halloween Spider Lashes

*Typically* I’m not a fan of spider lashes, but these are the exception to the rule. For this look, your eye acts as the body of the spider with the legs stemming from your lash line. Start off with a dark eyeshadow look of your choice, then use your black and white eyeliners to draw the eight creepy legs.


This “Bloody” Eye Makeup

Does this photo make you queasy? Cool, me too. This scary Halloween eye makeup look will have everyone coming up to you all night asking what happened to your eye, to which you can respond with a joke about your sharp cut crease. To get the look, blend a little fake blood into the crease area of your eyelid.


This Melting Eye Makeup Look

No one likes when their eyes water and their makeup runs—unless, of course, it looks like this. For this Halloween eye makeup, start with an even application of a solid color (a blank slate) and leave the area around your eyes bare. Then, apply your eye makeup as normal (including your foundation and concealer), and use a dropper or a small brush and liquid foundation to make the paint drip effect.


This Leopard Eye Makeup


This Euphoria-Inspired Look

If you love the makeup on Euphoria almost as much as you love the show, dress up as one of the characters for Halloween. This embellished eye makeup looks like something right off of Maddy Perez’s mood board. Get creative with a little clear individual lash glue and rainbow rhinestones to create a look like this.


These Tie-Dye Eyes for Halloween


This Halloween Under-Eye Liner

With this look, think less Mufasa and more Scar. Who knew a little under-eye liner could completely change the vibe of a regular cat-eye? Instead of starting from your tear duct like usual, place the point of a fine-tip liquid liner about a centimeter below it. Then, continue to line your bottom lashes until it meets with the flick on the outside corner.


This Frankenstein Eye Patch Makeup

If you don’t want to commit to the whole costume + makeup thing for Halloween, go with a half-look instead. For this Frankenstein makeup, cover only one section of your face with green face paint. Then, outline the section with fake blood and use eyeliner to draw a few stitches along the seam.


These Snake Eyes for Halloween

Switch out your own eyes for some snake eyes with creepy makeup idea. Start by tracing the shape of snake around your face with red, white, and black face paint. Make sure to circle your eye area with black makeup to create the look of empty holes. Then, practice walking around with your eyes closed so you can stay in character all night.

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