30 Sexy Halloween Pickup Lines

Admit it: Halloween is the perfect time to watch all the horror movies, carve pumpkins (or DIY one into looking like a cupcake), and eat bunches, and bunches, and bunches of skeleton-shaped candy.

But what’s also perfect on Halloween: (candy)corny pickup lines. (Pun absolutely intended).

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Whether you’re looking for a hot date, want something cute to send to your long-distance lover, or just have an urge to troll your Tinder matches with a punny Halloween joke, we’ve got you covered. (Just try not to do anything too embarrassing that’ll land you in a round-up of Halloween sex confessions, mmk?)

Another thing: Only use these pickup lines consensually, when you’re sure they’ll be well-received. Best to leave the ~sexy~ ones for when you’re already in a committed, consensual relationship.

Now, because we already know vampire and ghost puns are not only the move but also Halloween’s version of modern-day Shakespeare, here are 30 pickup lines that are sure to impress.

To let them know you think they’re be-witching:

1. It’s scary how good you look.

2. Are you a monster? Because you look Frankenfine.

3. Looks like the neighbors are giving out snacks tonight.

4. Are you dressed as “the most attractive person here?”

5. You must be made of candy because you look sweet.

6. Are you dressed as an angel or is that just the real you?

7. Baby, you’re sweeter than candy corn.

8. You must be the devil because it just got hot in here.

9. I’m not a bat but a night with me will turn your world upside down.

10. Are you a jack-o-lantern? Because you’re lighting up the room.

If you and your partner wanna ~bone~:

11. I’m not going as a ghost this year, but you can still get under my sheets.

12. Want to check my pants for a treat?

13. I’m a vampire…permission to bite your neck?

14. I’ll get your heart racing faster than a haunted house.

15. Want to get tangled in my spider web tonight?

16. You look good in your costume, but you’d look better out of it.

17. Forget your broom, ride me instead?

18. Want to find out what I turn into at midnight?

19. If I were a zombie, I’d eat you first.

20. I bet I can make you scream tonight.

21. Let’s take this party back to my coffin.

22. I could make the hairs on your neck stand up.

For when you’re trying to make them your boo:

23. For Halloween, you should go as the love of my life.

24. Even on Halloween, I promise I won’t ghost you.

25. If you were mine, I’d give you all treats and no tricks.

26. I don’t want your candy, I just want your number.

27. I’ve got some wicked feelings brewing for you.

28. I promise to hold you if you get scared.

29. I found a great couple’s costume — want to go as the other half?

30. Isn’t it spooky how your number isn’t in my phone?

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