36 Amazing Best Friend Halloween Costume Ideas For Your BFFs

Everyone knows the best part of a night out is when you’re getting ready with your friends, and that’s especially the case on Halloween night. The spooky holiday is always a good time (who doesn’t like candy and costumes??), but it’s *peak fun* when you’re able to dress up with your bestie or a group of friends in matching or coordinating looks. (This year though, make sure you’re following CDC guidelines—i.e., social distancing and wearing masks!)

Any scary costume, pun costume, or DIY costume to choose from out there is made even better when you have someone to dress up with you because nothing is as fun without your partner (or partners) in crime, amirite?! With that said, not every costume makes a good best friend Halloween costume, so we’ve come to help you out with a few ideas. Scroll on for the best looks to try with your BFF or your group of besties, from Friends characters to the twins from The Shining and way more.


Euphoria Cast

If you haven’t watched the show yet and don’t know any better, these Euphoria Halloween costumes make absolutely zero sense as a group costume, but since you and all your besties all have watched it a million times, you can appreciate how genius it is.


Iconic JLo Moments

Think of that one celeb that you and your BFFs are obsessed with. Got it? Now, think of that celeb’s most iconic moments for each of you to channel for your costumes. Take these three legendary JLo fashion moments, for example.



This group costume of T-Boz, Chilli, and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (aka TLC) might take a little time to put together, but the result would 100% be worth it.


Kill Bill

I’ve never even seen the movie, but I can spot a Kill Bill Halloween costume from a mile away. If you and your friends need a classic costume idea, go as Gogo Yubari, Elle Driver, and the Bride dressed in their signature looks.



If you were alive in the early 2000s, I need not remind you who B2K is. The boy band had tons of coordinating outfits for you and your friends to choose from for a costume, but this denim theme feels especially nostalgic.


The Craft

*Technically* there are four main characters in The Craft, but if it’s just you and your bestie, you can still make it work with costumes inspired by the movie.


Big Little Lies

Dress up as the main characters in Big Little Lies from the scene when they’re all dressed in Aubrey Hepburn costumes. It’s like two costumes in one. So meta.


Napoleon Dynamite

Remember when Napoleon Dynamite was the funniest movie in the world? Sixteen years later, it makes the funniest costume in the world.


The Tethered from US

With costumes as recognizable as these, you and your best friend don’t even need a whole group to dress up with you to pull it off.


Stranger Things

Packed with the finest fashion moments that the ’80s had to offer, Stranger Things has no shortage of costume inspo. Whether you’ve got one BFF or a whole slew of ’em, this show is the perfect choice for Halloween.



Sitcoms make the best Halloween costumes. Proof: this group of Seinfeld characters in their signature looks.


Bride of Chucky

If you want to dress up in a scary costume but your best friend would rather go the sexy route, this famous duo is the best of both worlds.


Shining Twins

They’re baaaaack. And they’re wearing matching bloodstained blue dresses and knee-high socks.


Blair and Serena From Gossip Girl

Plaid skirt, designer bags, pussy-bow blouses, and exactly one headband = classic Upper East Siders.


Mario and Luigi

Bros for life. Decide who gets to wear green, who gets to wear red, and then slap some overalls on top of the whole thing.


Rachel and Monica From Friends

Honestly, my kind of night. Don’t be surprised if you two decide to skip the festivities and stay in to binge-watch the show.


The Ladies From Clueless

Rollin’ with the homiesssss. Pick your fave character from the movie and then get into their ’90s style.


Elmo and Cookie Monster From Sesame Street

Me want cookie! Also: Aren’t those fluffy headbands the cutest with these costumes?


NyQuil and DayQuil

Honestly upset that I didn’t think of this costume idea first. And the dosage-cup headbands are so spot on.


Slinky From Toy Story

This one requires pretty amazing DIY skills—the dog face and slinky middle!!!—but man, it looks great when it’s done!


Fanta Girls

Dontcha wanna? If you do, get ready to wear colorful latex outfits and white boots all night long!


Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

The costume is conflict-resolution skills + fast food.


Romy and Michele

Everyone’s favorite high schoolers and everyone’s favorite metallic, pastel minidresses!


Mean Girls

Don’t mean to be a pusher, but you should probs go for this costume if you have four BFFs. On Wednesdays, we wear pink!


Jane and Daria

La la la la la. This one’s pretty easy to DIY. Just find a green blazer and a red one, and line them with black seams.


A Best Friend Necklace Charm

Because your hearts break when you’re not together! Also because this costume can be worn with literally anything and just requires that you hold a piece of cardboard all night. Minimal effort for the win!


Cruella de Vil and a Dalmatian

If one of you likes to be spooky and the other isn’t as into that, be Cruella and a dalmatian puppy.


Mike and Sully From Monsters, Inc.

The only thing missing? Boo, of course! Related: Onesie costumes are the best costumes.


The White Rabbit and Alice

If the Mad Hatter and the Hare just aren’t scary enough for you, go as super-creepy, kinda-dead versions of Alice and the White Rabbit.


Hey Arnold!

Doesn’t get better than calling your BFF “football head” all night.


Jon Snow and Khaleesi

Just don’t tell these two how the show ends.


The Swans From Black Swan

Perfect your first-position stances, please! And also, get matching tutus and be ready with the white and black face paint for this one.

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