4 Ways to Give Your Wardrobe an Eco-Friendly Refresh


You’ve likely spent a large portion of recent months in your pajamas and loungewear. And while it’s been comfy, there’s something exciting about reclaiming “real” clothes. Yes, it can actually be (*gasp*) exciting to get dressed.

But how can we do so sustainably? With the fashion industry producing 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions and using around 1.5 trillion liters of water every year, industry professionals are increasingly placing more emphasis on using materials and processes that lean in a more eco-friendly direction.

Luckily, brands like Bella Dahl—which has partnered with TENCEL™ to utilize its sustainable lyocell fibers—are making it easier to fill our wardrobes with timeless pieces that are as soft on skin as they are on the planet. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are wood-based, sourced from sustainably managed forests and produced through a closed-looped production process. This means more than 99% of the water and solvent in the process are reused with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact.

Whether you’re looking to invest in something new or simply zhuzh up your existing faves, here are four easy tips for updating your wardrobe—without costing the Earth.

Shop your closet

          Before you part with your hard-earned cash, it’s helpful to do a major wardrobe audit to avoid re-buying similar items you might have forgotten about.

          The best way to do this? Throw everything you own onto your bed and go through each item. Create a “keep” pile, “donate” pile and “swap with a friend” pile (then get your besties to do the same).

          Think of it a little like shopping in your own closet.

          Fix, don’t ditch

          Rather than adding to the used clothing that ends up in landfills, consider how you can ~breathe new life~ into items you’re not crazy about anymore.

          Get your old winter boots resoled, and send your trust winter coat to the dry cleaners. It’s easier than you’d think to refresh old pieces with a *little* care.

          Invest in long-lasting classics

          Now that you’ve taken stock of what you already own, start filling any gaps with high-quality pieces that will actually last—check out some of our faves from Bella Dahl, a sustainably-minded brand that makes clothing for you to live in and love.

          Based in Los Angeles, Bella Dahl makes effortless, Cali-cool staples designed to last. With soft, sophisticated styles, the brand creates relaxed shirt dresses, button-ups, and versatile joggers that are super breathable and gentle on the skin, thanks to soft-long-wearing lyocell fibers. Clothing made with these fibers are easily layered, too, because they have minimal static charge—plus, the items are biodegradable!

          Document your fave outfits

          Once you’ve taken inventory of your closet, dedicate an afternoon to creating a virtual wardrobe for yourself. Experiment with fun looks and pair your new pieces with old faves.

          Take a quick mirror selfie and then next time you’re stuck for outfit inspo, rather than reaching for your debit card, simply scroll through your photos. The environment—not to mention your bank account—will thank you.

          Live softly in Bella Dahl, with timeless clothing to live in and love. Discover Bella Dahl’s sustainable collection made of TENCEL™ fibers in their #FeelsSoRight campaign

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