5 Best Toothbrush Subscription Services of 2020 Reviewed


Katie Buckleitner

There’s nothing even remotely fun about buying a toothbrush—especially if your purchase requires a trip to the drugstore (human interaction? No thanks). And while, sure, places like Amazon make it easy to re-order toothbrush heads or batteries to your front door, unless you’re an impeccable planner, you probably won’t be able to wait the two days until your order arrives. That’s why I’ve become pretty obsessed with toothbrush subscription services—not only do they save me from the massive time suck that is going to the drugstore, but they also get me my refills exactly when I need them. Ahead, I rounded up the five best toothbrush subscriptions to get you on my level, including a suuuuper affordable option, a sustainable alternative, and more.

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Best Toothbrush Subscription Value

Quip Starter Kit

You get a pretty insane value when you sign up for Quip’s toothbrush subscription: The starter kit (which comes with a battery-operated electric toothbrush, mint toothpaste, and floss) is a very reasonable $55, after which you’ll pay $5 every month for a new brush head and battery. Cost aside, people love Quip for their soft-but-effective bristles, guided brushing (it automatically turns off after your two minutes are up), and cordless freedom (read: no more chunky sh*t laying around your bathroom).


Best Toothbrush Subscription for Whitening

Burst Sonic Toothbrush

The perfect toothbrush subscription service for anyone looking to do a little at-home teeth whitening, the Burst electric toothbrush comes equipped with soft, charcoal-infused bristles that are specifically designed to lift surface stains. It’s a bit pricer than competitors—the starter kit, which comes with a brush, head, and USB charger is $70—but the quality makes it beyond worth it. And when you think about the fact that you’re only paying $6 every 90 days for a new brush head, it’s not too crazy on your budget. Plus, it looks pretty enough to leave out on display. 


Best Toothbrush Subscription for Aligners

Smile Direct Club Electric Toothbrush



If cleaning your retainer every night is your least favorite thing in the world (which, same), you’ll love this toothbrush subscription from Smile Direct Club. Alongside a classic battery-powered toothbrush, you’ll also get a “cleaning” head that you can pop onto the brush when it’s time to clean your aligner. Brush and battery refills are $5 every three months, though you also have the option to double up if you’re looking to save even more (i.e. two refills for $9). 


Best Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription

Goodwell Co. Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription

Not into electric toothbrushes? No prob, you can still get in on the toothbrush subscription game thanks to Goodwell Co’s bamboo sets. $7 gets you one of these cute bamboo toothbrushes (which, BTW, feature compostable brush handles and charcoal-infused bristles) which are re-delivered every three months. You’ve got three color options to choose from, too (though I can’t imaging someone not getting the mint green).


Best Toothbrush Subscription for Sensitive Teeth

Goby Electric Toothbrush

If the majority of electric toothbrushes are too harsh on your sensitive teeth, you need to try Goby’s toothbrush subscription service. The cutely designed, chargeable brushes have two settings—normal and sensitive—which you can seamlessly flip between for gentle brushing. The $50 starter kit gets you a brush, head, USB charger, hygienic stand, and bristle cover, with head refills coming in at $6 every one to three months (the frequency is up to you).

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