7 Best Facial Steamers of 2020

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I’ve seen facial steamers being touted by skincare ~influencers~ on my IG for a while now, but I always low-key thought they were BS. Something that looked cool on your feed and maybe made you feel nice, but didn’t actually do anything for your skin, ya know? Well boy, was I wrong. After a fellow beauty editor told me all about the benefits of adding a facial steamer to your skincare routine, I promptly started using one and saw SERIOUS results. My pores looked smaller, my skin was brighter, and my acne even flared a little less.

It’s because steaming your face helps to soften the oil and dirt inside your pores, which makes it super easy to extract blackheads and unclog your pores. Also, when you heat up your skin, it becomes more receptive to whatever ingredients you apply on top, making your serums and moisturizers more effective. So, basically, steaming takes your skin to the next level. Ahead, the seven best facial steamers your money can buy.

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Best Budget Facial Steamer

Amconsure Facial Steamer

Forget spending tons and tons of money on a facial steamer—this one works just as well (if not better, TBH) than some of the pricier options. Just press the button and in basically no time, you’ll get a strong and consistent mist that won’t sputter on you. Plus it comes with a five piece blackhead extractor kit for you to use, too. 


Best Mulit-Use Facial Steamer

Pure Daily NanoSteamer

Not only will this facial steamer help you de-clog your pores, but you can also use it as a humidifier and it has a special chamber where you can warm towels to complete your at-home spa day. If you’re really feeling fancy, add a couple of drops of essential oils to the steamer and let the soothing scents fill up your room. 


Best Easy-To-Use Facial Steamer

Conair Facial Sauna

There’s nothing complicated about this facial steamer—all you need to do it hit a button and wait three minutes for the water to heat up. It even comes with a built-in timer—that you can set from three to 15 minutes—and it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes, basically doing all of the work for you. All you need to do is place your face in the blue cone and relax.


Best Looking Facial Steamer

Vanity Planet Aira Facial Steamer

I mean, how freakin’ cute would your serums look next to this facial steamer? But, trust—it doesn’t just look pretty, it actually works, too. It releases a soothing, yet powerful, steam that’ll leave your skin extra soft and super glowy.


Best Facial Steamer for Travel

Lonove Facial Steamer

I know—it sounds kinda bananas to bring a facial steamer with you on a vacation or trip, but if you’re constantly traveling, it can really help your stressed skin chill out. This facial steamer is simple to use, portable, and it only weighs a pound, so you can definitely find space for it in your carry-on.


Best Fast-Acting Facial Steamer

Diozo Facial Steamer

In this age of instant gratification, no one wants to wait for anything. And this includes waiting for your facial steamer to heat up. Who has the time? Anyways, thankfully, with this one, it takes less than a minute for the water to turn into a strong steam that’ll instantly loosen up the gunk in your pores.


Best Ionic Facial Steamer

Ezbasics Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer

This facial steamer has nano-ionic steam, which is easier absorbed by your skin and penetrates deeper than your regular ol’ hot water steamers. The result? Better hydrated skin and a deeper, more intense pore cleaning. Your blackheads don’t really stand a chance.

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