9 Best Natural Hair Wigs to Buy Online in 2020

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When it comes to shopping for natural hair wigs online, you’ve got a lot of choices—like, a lot, a lot. But since wigs and hair extensions don’t always come cheap (or even high quality), you definitely don’t want to waste your money trying all of them out. Thankfully, plenty of hair experts, influencers, and YouTubers have already done that job for you, so you can opt out of all the trial and error and simply fast-forward to the part where you find exactly what you’ve been looking for: the best, most realistic-looking wig, ever. Behold: Nine influencer-approved natural hair wigs and exactly where to find them online. Please be prepared to take all of the selfies.

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RPG Show Wig

Loved by both celeb stylists and YouTubers, like Ashley Bedeck, this brand offers really high-quality, well-constructed wigs that won’t require a lot of work on your end. They’re not cheap, but these hand-made customizable wigs, which feature tinted, transparent Swiss lace, are available with a pre-plucked hairline and bleached knots for the most natural-looking finish.



Big Chop Hair

This 18-inch Kinda Kinky Wig from Big Chop Hair comes highly recommended by beauty YouTuber JD Winters for the fact that it looks and feels just like real, natural hair. The brand also offers dozens of other wig styles and types as well as other natural hair products, like drawstring ponytails and clip-ins.



My First Wig

First-time wig buyer? Welcome! This line of wigs was created with consumers like you in mind. Make the process of selecting, applying, and maintaining a wig a little easier by shopping the assortment of styles from this brand. If you don’t like lace and glue, beauty influencer Simone Sharice, recommends trying the beginner-friendly headband wig shown here, or shop one of the many, many other styles below.




When you want to keep your hair texture but change your hair color, length, or thickness, turn to this line of natural wigs, which carries three different textures of natural hair. Beauty YouTuber TrophDoph (who is shown here wearing the Proud of Your Coily style), loves this unit for its ease, amazing cut, minimal shedding, and ridiculously realistic look.



Natural Girl Wigs

This wig collection offers both virgin hair or premium fibre in 3B to 4C hair textures and has options for all different budgets. Beauty aficionado Eunice Asiedu is pictured here wearing slaying the Afro Goddess Wig that blends with 4b and 4c hair, but you can choose from more than 50 other styles on their website.




This line of hair extensions was intentionally created to blend in perfectly with your pressed strands for hair that looks longer and fuller but still like your own. Here, beauty guru Bria Larine wears the Kinky Coarse U-Part Wig, which, in case you’re wondering, can be washed, colored, styled with a hair dryer, straightened with a flat iron—you name it.



Wow African

Influencers also rave about the wigs from Wow African, particularly its curly units. The brand carries everything from lace-front to full-lace wigs, but beauty YouTuber So Char loves this 360 lace wig for its removable, adjustable strap, pre-plucked hairline, and bleached knots—and once you try one for yourself, you will, too.




The wigs from this line are made with 100 percent Remy hair (i.e. virgin human hair, which is top-line quality) and also have pre-plucked hairlines, bleached knots, and adjustable elastic bands for the perfect fit. But what beauty influencer TheHeartsandCake90 loves the most about this wig? The super-soft strands and gorgeous curl pattern.


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