9 Best Reusable Cotton Rounds and Makeup Removing Pads of 2020

reusable cotton rounds

Khadija Horton

A quick (but v important) PSA for all you makeup wipe lovers and single-use cotton round users out there: It’s 100 percent time you ditch your waste-making habits and make the switch to reusable cotton rounds and makeup removers. (Trust me, I’ve done it and my only regret is the fact that I didn’t do it sooner.) Not only do the reusable options work just as well, they’re also WAY more more eco-friendly since they can be used literally hundreds of times before you either have to toss or recycle them, and they’re also typically made with sustainable and organic materials. Oh, and did I mention you’ll save a ton of $$ when you stop having to replace your disposable wipe stash all the time too? Ahead, the nine best reusable cotton rounds for removing makeup, cleaning your face, applying your skincare products, and more.

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Best Drugstore Reusable Cotton Rounds

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Eco Pads

If you’re a fan Garnier’s cult-classic micellar water, then you’ll love this three-pack of reusable rounds that are designed to be used with the formula. Just saturate one of the cleansing pads with your micellar water of choice and run it across your face to remove makeup, dirt, and grime at the end of the day. 


Best Reusable Cotton Rounds for Makeup Removal

Face Halo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

A former coworker introduced me to these reusable rounds a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Just wet the FaceHalo (it uses ultra-fine fiber strands to gently remove makeup) and wipe it across your eyes and face to reveal clean, glowing skin, then toss it in the wash. It can be cleaned up 200 times.


Best Travel-Friendly Reusable Cotton Rounds

Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Organic Bamboo Reusable Cosmetic Rounds

Not only are these reusable cotton rounds made with antibacterial and antimicrobial organic bamboo, they come in a super-cute faux croc pouch that’s perfect for bringing on weekend trips (or just storing under your bathroom sink).


Best Organic Reusable Cotton Rounds

Daily Concepts Daily Bio-Cotton Makeup Removers

These reusable cotton rounds are true multitaskers. Made with organic cotton, you can use them to get rid of makeup, apply your essence or toner, remove your clay mask, and more. P.S. The set of five comes with two sizes—a big one for using on your whole face and a small one for just your eyes and lips.


Best Reusable Cotton Rounds Kit

The Original MakeUp Eraser 7-Day MakeUp Eraser Set

This kit comes with a week’s worth of reusable rounds (can we talk about the lemon-print design?!) and a pretty little headband to make removing your makeup something you’ll actually look forward to at the end of the day. The rounds are made with a patented polyester fabric that dissolves makeup when soaked in warm water.


Best Extra-Large Reusable Cotton Rounds

Ulta Beauty Smarts Makeup Removing Towel Set

K, sooo, these makeup-removing towels aren’t round or made with cotton, but they’re definitely reusable (machine wash them with gentle detergent—no bleach or fabric softeners—and they’ll last you for, like, ever). The bigger size is ideal for quickly removing your full face of makeup or washing your face after a workout.


Best Reusable Cotton Rounds with Charcoal

Blooming Bee Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

These reusable cotton rounds are infused with ultra-absorbent charcoal, so you know they’re legit when it comes to makeup and oil removal. The best part though? Each little pad can be used up to 1,000 (!) times.


Best Bamboo Reusable Cotton Rounds

Snow Fox Skincare Reusable Bamboo Make Up Removal Pads



This box of eight reusable—and v sustainable—bamboo cotton rounds saves 8,987 gallons of water and…wait for it…replaces 4000 single-use cotton pads, or 160 packs of disposable 25-count make up wipes. Pretty amazing, right?


Best Microfiber Reusable Cotton Rounds

Croon Starter Kit

This set of reusable rounds from zero-waste brand Croon is the equivalent of 800 disposable wipes (so, pls, stop spending your money and just make the switch already). They’re made with super-soft microfibers that gently, yet effectively, cleanse and exfoliate skin with just water—no face cleanser necessary.

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